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Human Smoke combos UMK3, MKT


Hey guys, long time player, first time poster....recently I have been playing UMK3 online at my buddy's place, and like it a lot, but it's so much different than MKT, which I have been playing for years...one guy in particular, human smoke.

I noticed his punch/spear combos and setups seem to be different from UMK3 to Trilogy.

For instance, in UMK3, you can spear, LK LP, tele punch, spear...etc.
In MKT, you cannot do the 2nd spear. Never works. Seems like in trilogy you are more limited on what you can do.

Are there differences in the way you have to do combos with human smoke between the 2 games, or am I just an idiot?



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Depending on which MKT you're playing you have some different options.

On N64 you could do teleport punches instantly and constantly, still with the 4 hit limit however. This might confuse your timing however the same exact combos are possible in N64 as they are for PSX in this instance. In order to get a second spear in a combo you have to put enough time inbetween since there is an internal time limit on top of the hit limit.

I think this has been thoroughly discussed on the site before so I'm not going through it again. Just search for the appropriate terms and use the search for all terms option.


Sorry, should've mentioned it was MKT on N64. I'll look through the forums a bit to see if I find any similar threads...