How would y'all rank the characters best to worst competitive play

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  1. How would you vets rank the cast from best to worst?
  2. Johnny Based Cage

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    Month 1 tier: the whole cast
  3. Nexallus

    Nexallus From Takeda to Robin

    Well if you're looking for OP heroes, I'm pretty sure Swamp Thing is S+++++++ Tier followed by Captain Cold.

  4. CrimsonShadow

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    Here's my tier list of how each community feels about their character:

    Black Adam: Heavily Downplayed ("Hey man, he has bad matchups"!)
    Aquaman: Aggresively Downplayed ("It's so hard!")
    Atrocitus: Moderately Downplayed
    Superman: Downplayed beyond all belief ("He loses to like 85 characters!")
    Batman: His community would like to downplay, but the rest of the community isn't gonna let them finish their speech
    Catwoman: Quietly hoping to stay under the radar. May need to downplay eventually if cover is blown
    Deadshot: Downplayed for Survival
    Poison Ivy: Her community (Dragon) is cautiously optimistic, is proud of the fact that they can win despite believing she loses a lot of matchups, but doesn't know anything about movies
    Darkseid: Cautiously optimistic. Sonic says he's broke, which translated into non-furry English means that he's probably upper mid tier.
    Firestorm: His community is optimistic but doesn't want to admit it because they're slightly embarrassed by his fire hair
    Green Lantern: Gross says he's broke. Fred Marvel says he sucks. It's a new game, but Lantern's community has used Supergirl's hyperbolic time capsule to stay exactly the same.
    Dr. Fate: His community is confused and is both upplaying and downplaying at the same time. Also the Best Doctor Fate the World Has Ever Known doesn't play in tournaments. So like Nightwing, we may never know
    Harley Quinn: Probably flying under the radar (People who struggle in tournament will likely skapegoat her to cover their skidmarks in pools, though).
    Robin: His community doesn't care what you think, but also doesn't know what they think, and some of them will make Top 8
    Green Arrow: Moderately optimistic. Which is expected after this community made it through The Struggle of poverty in Injustice 1.
    Bane: Does Bane have a community? Doombawkz was hit by the recession and only shows up to mumble about blockable setups now
    Flash: Zyphox and HBee started downplaying him somewhere in the middle of MKX, before his Injustice 2 gameplay was ever known
    Black Canary: Her community admits honestly that she's a good character who isn't top, but isn't that bad. We should probably see if they're feeling ok..
    Cyborg: 50% will say he's good, 50% will say he sucks, but no one will go to a tournament with him
    Cheetah: No one will talk about MUs she might win, only ones she gets zoned out in
    Braniac: Everyone will say he's secretly better than we think, but no one will play him
    Supergirl: Holding out a small twig of hope, and falling asleep holding a picture of Takeda every night
    Captain Cold: Community is holding a prayer vigil and trying fashion cobble bits of midscreen tech into a life-saving IV machine
    Wonder Woman: Suicide Watch
    Blue Beetle: Does anyone still play Blue Beetle? Has a BB been spotted in the wild? I am watching the Discovery Chanel intently.
    Joker: Suicide Watch
    Gorilla Grodd: His community doesn't speak English and just wants a banana. If you see him in your tournament pool, just give him a banana.
    Swamp Thing: Already dead -- wasn't given a chance to live. Was buried on a Tuesday (Tuesday the 11th of May to be exact)

    And for DLC youngins:
    Red Hood: Is Red Hood a real character? NRS may take him back any day now "He may have been an accident, but we'll fix it soon"
    Sub-Zero: He's the worst he's ever been because Tom plays him. Needs fixes
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    D_Matt_Ma Sheeva isn't Goro's wife. Goro is her husband.

    Poor Red hood doesn't even exist in the game because people who bought him can't get him :p.
    And poor flash is so fast he left the scene and nobody noticed he was gone... :(
  6. Nexallus

    Nexallus From Takeda to Robin

    Sounds about right, although you forgot about one character in particular.
  7. CrimsonShadow

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    Keep refreshing, I'm adding them as I go :cool:
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  8. Generalbit

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    Can this be its own thread? Just making fun of different character's communities. This is low key gold
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    this post made this thread worth clicking on
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    You are a bad man.
  13. Spot on, I'm crying
  14. Zoidberg747

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    I feel bad for OP, no one even answered his question. Here's my personal ranking, i'll be happy to explain my reasoning if asked.

    1. Aquaman- Auto footsies, trident rush, trait, etc.
    2. Atrocitus- Nasty corner combos, ridiculous footsies, tons of utility
    3. Bane- Heavily slept on imo. With proper trait management he can't even get hit.
    4. Batman- Best trait in the game. Can't anti air him.
    5. Black Adam- Great damage, great pressure, but has no real wakeup.
    6. Blue Beetle- Aerial mobility really helps him. His zoning is great too. He's just really boring.
    7. Canary- She's got a ton of mixup potential.
    8. Captain Cold- I know i've hated on him in the past but with proper setup he can be really great.
    9. Catwoman- Really solid fundamentals, great pressure
    10. Cheetah- Mobility is great, best F3 in the game, solid mixups
    11. Cyborg- Heavily slept on. Great zoning but really good pressure too.
    12. Darkseid- Relies a lot on gimmicks right now but his trait leads to a lot of great stuff.
    13. Doctor Fate- You've got to play almost perfectly with him but he has a lot of potential.
    14. Deadshot- Overrated but still good. Very straight forward character.
    15. Flash- Struggles with zoning for sure but his trait still has some great uses.
    16. Firestorm- Pretty good traps and zoning, but not as good as some of the top tiers.
    17. Green Arrow- Solid zoning, decent footsies.
    18. Green Lantern- Not as good as he was in IJ1 but his zoning and footsies are alright.
    19. Grodd- Stampede cancels are hard to do but when perfected he has some great pressure.
    20. Harley Quinn- Hella overrated. Her zoning isn't that good and her pressure's meh.
    21. Ivy- Again pretty overrated, once you learn the trait pattern she's easy to deal with.
    22. Joker- Has some good stuff but has a lot of bad matchups.
    23. Red Hood- Still early so this could change but I think he's really gimmicky.
    24. Robin- Gimmicks abound
    25. Scarecrow- Super overrated. Whiteboi's just an amazing player.
    26. Superman- Most overrated character in the game. Strategy is the same every time.
    27. Supergirl- No damage, no real footsies. Nothing.
    28. Swamp Thing- Lol
    29. Wonder woman- Double lol.

    Let me know if you have any questions.
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  16. God Confirm

    God Confirm We're all from Earthrealm. If not, cool pic brah.

    i genuinely agree with the sentiment that Brainiac isn't even a character as well
  17. God Confirm

    God Confirm We're all from Earthrealm. If not, cool pic brah.

    how come


    get out

    you a goddamn liar
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  18. Zoidberg747

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    That's exactly why I left him out lmao.
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  19. Rodrigue

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  20. Any other legit opinions on ranking?
  21. ATP2014

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    @Zoidberg747 I gotta say, I disagree with a lot of your statements haha.

    But it is all personal opinion.
  22. CrimsonShadow

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  23. Zoidberg747

    Zoidberg747 They see me teleportin', they hatin'

    Read through it again. Pay attention to the first letter of each character name...
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