How Well Would IGAU Characters Translate to I2?

Discussion in 'Injustice 2' started by Mandolore1123, Nov 4, 2018.

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    I think it is a real shame Lex didn't get to be on the roster, his desing was really interesting, and considering Zod and Sinestro were the only thing keeping him from being viable, you'd think he would shine in Injustice 2. But thinking a bit deeper, there are several characters that might give him problems like Fate, Atom, Red hood, and Deadshot. The thing is, because he was such a deep set-up character, and so momentum based, its really hard to theorize match-ups without a way to see, for example, how well would Red Hood leaps help him avoid set ups, or whether Lex could punish Fate's wakeup consistently, and how much impact would Lex's JB3 have vs Atom.

    Man, just writing this makes me wish he was back. There is no character quite like Lex in I2
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    Miss you, KF! <3
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    nthx, stay gone pls ._.
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    Grundy alone would increase I2 tournament viewership by 20,000
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    Doomsday alone would drop it by 20,000. :DOGE
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