How Well Would IGAU Characters Translate to I2?

Discussion in 'Injustice 2' started by Mandolore1123, Nov 4, 2018.

  1. Mandolore1123

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    DISCLAIMER: IGAU was my first fighting game and I will be the first to admit that I have absolutely no knowledge of the meta and balance of that game. I just love the character designs and the roster

    Greetings to all, inspired by Theo’s recent video comparison between IGAU Aquaman and I2 Aquaman, I ask for discussion on how well would IGAU characters translate to I2. I am very interested in whether certain characters would be too powerful in this game that’s perhaps more neutral/footsie-based, and if they are too powerful or too weak then how would you all balance them to fit Injustice 2?

    I2 has been plagued with complaints about its slow pace and the rather linear combo routes, and IGAU characters certainly have unique combo routes in comparison. How would they deal with the additional mechanics of MB roll and air escapes?

    I would assume if any IGAU character is transported to I2 they would have a better walk speed like the legacy characters. Please share all your thoughts and I look forward to fruitful ideas and discussion! Thanks :)

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  2. Batgirl: bola needs meter to restand,
    all of her strings from B2 are very punishable on block.
    F23 damage reduced,
    damage scaling of MB flying bat increase (so combos do less damage),
    wakeup cartwheel have 0 invincible frames, high option is +1, overhead option is -16, low option is -16 but can be meterburnt to add another mid attack that's -1 on block, which then can't be converted into combos like the high cartwheel
    B1 becomes faster -10 frames, D1 becomes 7 frames
    jump arc is slighty higher (like I2 Catwoman today)
  3. Mandolore1123

    Mandolore1123 Man of Science Who Wields the Living Lightning

    I’m particularly interested in opinions about Zod, Nightwing, Shazam, and Doomday and Grundy

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  4. Eldriken

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    I think Doomsday would rock in I2. Fuck, I wish he was DLC.
  5. UGL Preon

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    IGAU Bane: If he was put in INJ2 as he was, he'd have to be top 3 EZ. All of his major draw backs are dropped.

    1.) His overhead special double punch is safe. Can be the pressure tool by itself. On hit sets up his Oki.
    2.) Bane's Command Throw Damage was HUGE! Level 3 Venom Command Grab did 33% BY ITSELF. Imagine getting grabbed once and seeing 330 on the Screen.
    3.) His Venom Cooldown could not be manipulated like it is in INJ2. In IGAU it worked like this. His level 3 Debuff is only 6 seconds. Its 9 in INJ2. However the big difference is, if Bane enters a cutscene in (Super/Transition/Clash) while in Debuff, the nerfs he recieves and timer are reset to the corresponding debuffs. In INJ1 if he Clashed while in level 3 debuff, after the clash he only has to pay the LEVEL 1 debuff penalty afterwards. So clashing while in Level 3 Debuff was a great idea then.
    4.) His Venom Scaled Interactables to the point where any Power intractable was doing 25-36% at level 2-3 venom.
    5.) For a bar of meter he can make his currently -20~ DP safe on block in INJ1. In INJ2 he has no such MB option.
    6.) His D1 in this game would be LEGENDARY! Remember in this game his d1 is 11 frames and its still good. In INJ1 its the same long reaching poke and it might've been faster but I remember it being plus on block (+3)
  6. Second Saint

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    Wonder Woman would be a rushdown goddess with the best corner oki in the game. Harley would be ehhhh, but do way too much damage to balance it out. I'm not sure about Shazam. His grab vortex wouldn't work, but he'd still probably be able to handle the cast of I2 without it because of his strong mix, mobility and wakeup game. My guess is he'd get regulated by zoners, but I can see him being a reasonably good grappler in I2.

    All three of the above would have super messed up pokes for I2 though.
  7. Crusty

    Crusty Carpe Noctem


    I'd personally keep him almost the same. Maybe remove the vortex and increase his trait buildup but make his b1 have slightly faster startup (but normalize the range).
  8. Eldriken

    Eldriken A few pints of blood is all ask.
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    If Doomsday remained 100% the same in I2, the hate for MB Venom and Earth Shake would make a comeback. I want to see that day.
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  9. Mandolore1123

    Mandolore1123 Man of Science Who Wields the Living Lightning

    Why the hate for MB venom? I understand the hard block of earth shaker

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  10. Mandolore1123

    Mandolore1123 Man of Science Who Wields the Living Lightning

    Would Zod be too overpowered? I always felt that he was the right approach to another Kryptonian in Injustice, someone with the same power set but uses them much differently and has his own gimmick as well. Understandably his zoning is powerful, and full screen trait mixups are kind of cheap but his normals are slow and they don’t have as much range as say Superman’s f2 or Black adam’s f1 in I2, would Mb roll be an answer to his air zod balls? Would the I2 cast handle him and the rest of the IGAU roster well?

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  11. masherofbuttons

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    In general IGAU characters are waaaaaay stronger than inj2 characters. I feel like a lot of them would need adjustments. Imagine IGAU Catwoman in this game. Meterless launches, armored cat dash, plus on block overhead F1, safe wakeup, double hitting f3.
  12. Eldriken

    Eldriken A few pints of blood is all ask.
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    MB Venom has two hits of armor and is +6 on block. It was essentially easy mode to get in your opponent's face.
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  13. Braindead

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    I don't know how good Nightwing would be, but one thing I know for sure is that I would be the best Nightwing.

    The rest of the Nightwing community can suck it.

    (I miss you guys)
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  14. ChatterBox

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    In inj2 there isn't a lot of air projectiles that hit the ground, like IGAU nightwing and GL. Those were big deals with space control. People finally realizing how good Cyborg is in inj2 makes me think those would all be pretty helpful.

    So Zod, Green lantern, Sinestro (air axe), Nightwing, Hawkgirl and remind me if I'm forgetting anyone. They would all inherently have a decent gameplan on that alone. Most of those characters had at least one advancing or long range ground normal to compliment it. All of those characters had meterless launchers. They would all be pretty good in inj2, I think.
  15. Marinjuana

    Marinjuana Up rock incoming, ETA 5 minutes

    I don't know how well he'd translate but I always though Ares was a cool ass character with a neat design.
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  16. juicepouch

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    If either Grundy or Shazam were in inj2 I would've played it long enough to have an answer for you. Bring back swag characters nrs
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  17. skahwt

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    Injustice 2 is my favorite fighting game and I feel it’s better than the first Injustice in almost every way, but I do miss the meta breakers. RIP Doomie and Lex.
  18. Espio

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    I feel like he wants an in depth analysis perhaps?

    I dunno but I'll do mine for a couple characters I used.

    Doomsday would be really awesome in this game. The two hits of armor absorption on venom would allow him to really intimidate zoning characters and his strong body splash would remain super potent alongside his down 1. His reversal wake up game would be really effective against Dr. Fate's, Beetle's, Cheetah's etc wake ups. He would be really strong. He's Cheetah with sustainable offense and safe, abusable chip. You're not keeping him out long and he doesn't even have to open you up to kill you, it's just one of the perks. I suspect Flash would still give him a hard time and maybe Bane. I'd be curious to see him versus Swamp Thing, Starfire and Blue Beetle, I suspect those would be super fun match ups.

    Martian Manhunter would molly wop a lot of characters. Like imagine Beetle's trait on steroids plus all the teleporting and zoning combined into one package. I can't think of anyone that might give him a hard time. Black Manta would probably be able to keep up fine and traited Beetle, but I would be scared to pull out Starfire. Cheetah I feel would do well if she was patient and tried coming in after he used trait. I could see Atom holding his own as well but for the most part, Martian Manhunter would be pretty peerless especially with MB orb for pressure and movement restriction similar to Dr. Fate.

    Hawkgirl would be really good against Doctor Fate since she can stay air born and pelt maces plus wing evade can stuff wake ups, go under some projectiles and invincibly go through. Her and Beetle would be so fun match up wise. She has better chip specials and air game, but Beetle is more generally well rounded so it would be a huge toss up. Her versus Starfire would probably be even more hysterical. I think she would probably body Canary, Swamp Thing, Sub-Zero and Grodd to name a few.

    I feel like Darkseid would give her a really hard time. Brainiac versus her would be hysterical.
  19. Everyone in Injustice 1 would suck (movement speed. Its sooooooo awful) but Zod and Martian would still be broken is my best guess.
  20. Mandolore1123

    Mandolore1123 Man of Science Who Wields the Living Lightning

    Would probably need to give everyone a buffed walk speed as a prerequisite

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  21. Mandolore1123

    Mandolore1123 Man of Science Who Wields the Living Lightning

    Exactly what I wanted to see :D Thanks!

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  22. Ares would need the WoWo treatment to be even remotely competitive. Still has the slow moves and the craptastic D1 on floaty characters (Supes, Supergirl, Adam, Fate, Starfire, Firestorm). He'll be worse off than Dankshit now.
  23. Mandolore1123

    Mandolore1123 Man of Science Who Wields the Living Lightning

    What’s the WoWo treatment?

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