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How To Watch EVO 2021 Online — (NA MK11 is Today/Tomorrow! Post Steams)

Hey, everyone! So for the first time ever, there's a fairly unconventional format for the EVO championship this year. Everything is online, and the main tournament is held across two weekends instead of one. It'll take a little more work to keep track of the action across Twitch, so here's how you can watch:


Week One: August 6-8
Week Two:
August 13-15


The tournaments are split into 4 regions, with each starting at 12 PM in their local time zone:
  • North America / Pacific
  • Europe / UK
  • Asia
  • Latin America / Brazil

For MK11/GG specifically:
The NA Mortal Kombat 11 tournament runs Friday/Saturday, August 13th/14th
The NA Guilty Gear Strive tournament runs Saturday/Sunday, August 14th/15th

The ASIA Guilty Gear Strive tournament runs Friday/Saturday,
August 13th/14th

The EU Mortal Kombat 11 tournament ranFriday/Saturday, August 6th/7th
The EU Guilty Gear Strive tournament ran Saturday/Sunday, August 7th/8th

The LATAM Mortal Kombat 11 tournament ran Saturday/Sunday, August 7th/8th
The LATAM Guilty Gear Strive tournament ran Friday/Saturday, August 6th/7th

Here are the dates for ALL MAIN GAMES (Tekken 7, SFV, Skullgirls, MK11, and Strive):

For Europe only:

And for Latin America/Brazil only:

And for North America only:

And for Asia Only:


With 4 tournaments happening, that means 4 separate Top 8 days: this Saturday and Sunday, and next Saturday and Sunday.
(All of these times are in United States Pacific Daylight Time, GMT/UTC-7, the standard time zone for EVO)

  • NA: 5:30 PM-8:30 PM (US PDT) on Saturday, August 14
  • ASIA: 3:30 AM-6:30 AM (US PDT) on Saturday, August 14th
  • NA: 2 PM-5 PM (US PDT) on Sunday, August 15th

The main EVO tournament will be followed by an offline championship featuring the top couple of players from each region playing in November with 8 players per game.

  • MK11 will be FT3, Strive will be FT2 until Finals.
  • There's roughly a $5,000 prize pool per game, until the offline showcase which is $25,000 per game.
  • WiFi is banned.
Main Event Page: https://smash.gg/league/evo-2021-online-3/details


Since everyone's online, there won't be traditional 'pools' main streams, like in previous years; and so it'll be up to individual competitors to stream their runs on Twitch.

They'll be collecting the streams on juked.gg: https://juked.gg/c/evo2021#overview

As such, I'd like to use this thread for all of us here to keep track of what's going on. If you have any updates, are aware of a key matchup coming up, or are spectating a streamer on a hot run, please post it in the thread and let everyone know here!


Safe travels and good luck to all of the competitors attending.
@CrimsonShadow @Marlow I’m glad at least some people on this site appreciate my sense of humor. I was going to really lay into the traveling bit but I figured short and sweet would be the most convincing.

Anyway, my first actual post ITT that I deleted to make that dumb joke was that I think this is going to be, without a doubt, the most interesting EVO I’ve ever witnessed. Which also reminds me, are there clear rules on lag? If a match is for some reason randomly laggy and it isn’t clear who is to blame, are there any rules in place for such an occasion? At any rate, I’m going to be viewing this entire event as it’s going to be entertaining no matter which way you look at it.
Shao evo run yo

I'll take solace in that I've never had someone do a empty bionic jump into a D2 Krushing Blow on me

Jacqui gets knocked down a tier by Rain :eek:
I understand the appeal but I think the better player wins the best of three in this game as much as they should.

And personally, I think it makes pools way more watchable but that's any game
So is online EVO over or what? Seems like there was such little info about who won what games, I must be missing something and I’m too lazy to look into it.
So it's confirmed that only the Winner of each Top 4 (for tournaments with 'split' regions) will make it into the Evo showcase. For all of the Top 8's it'll be the top two.

So for example, iDom will make it to the Showcase, Punk will not, while both Leffen and Uriel will be there (assuming they don't have any visa/scheduling issues, etc).
Hey what's going on, the smash.gg has a ton of DQ's on it. Is that normal? It shows Sonicfox DQ'd? What does that mean?
Hey what's going on, the smash.gg has a ton of DQ's on it. Is that normal? It shows Sonicfox DQ'd? What does that mean?
It's pretty normal for online tournaments. The DQs are people who didn't show up, or didn't make it in time. Sonic decided not to compete and is taking some family time instead.
Jacqui player got what they deserved by losing to another Jacqui player :joker:

NinjaKilla model t900 looked unbeatable in the first two matches but Hayatei found a way to adjust and get his game going. Hope to see rematch

Low-tier Robo shows he can dominate matchups with super clean play from Sooneo, but Splash showing off his dedication to that swaggy Lao variation
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