How to stop Michaelangelo: by Darth Arma

Discussion in 'Injustice 2' started by Charybdis, Mar 2, 2018.

By Charybdis on Mar 2, 2018 at 5:12 AM
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    I think it's fair to say that the TMNT have caused a fair deal of consternation in the competitive community since their release and none of the Turtles seems to cause as much salt as Mikey. Anyone who watched Winter Brawl will remember how SonicFox tore through the whole field from Pools to Finals using Michaelangelo, taking down highly regarded players like Scar's Black Manta and Theo's Supergirl.

    So what are you, an everyday scrub*, to against such reckless top tier TMNT? Well, @DarthArma's got ya back.

    Across ten glorious minutes, Arma breaks down Michaelangelo's strings, meta and gameplan and gives you the lowdown on how to defend against the onslaught. If Sonic is any indication of the future of the competitive scene, and he usually is, being the best player on the planet, then you need to get this knowledge inside your brain to save you from death by salt.

    At the very least, you can repeat his points when people bring up Mikey and pretend you know the game. That's what I'll be doing anyway.

    As always, check back to TYM every day for the latest on all the happenings in the NRS scene, including Injustice 2 and the Mortal Kombat series!

    *This does not apply to @Braindead who is an undisputed top-tier player and perennial Evo dark horse
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Discussion in 'Injustice 2' started by Charybdis, Mar 2, 2018.

    1. Braindead
      Fuck you man I'm a high-level player. The highest. Believe me. Everyone says I'm the highest of all time.
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    2. Charybdis
      I'll make an appropriate edit, apologies
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    3. Braindead
      Now we're cooking.
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    4. Cursa
      Does this apply to SonicFox
    5. Skedar70
      I hate these hard to punish moves and I think they should be fixed. Punishable should be punishable period. Flash Lightning kick, Robins assassin strike, Mikeys breakdance etc.
    6. Flamelurkr
      What characters do you think give the turtles a hard time? I've been using gl and flash to fight them and have had beast success
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    7. DTruth
      I've been using GL and Aquaman. Aquamans trait has been great when I guess wrong against Mikey.
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    8. CrimsonShadow
      DarthArma vs. Sonic Fox ft10 at next event :cool:
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    9. ChatterBox
      he forgot to add pushblock a lot, otherwise it was good

      I'm glad that a lot of the advice given out by people trying to help those getting into fgs is "go lab this, practice punishes" because promoting those good habits is better than any specific advice
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      Push Block or guess. He can blow up all fuzzy attempts.
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    11. The Farmer
      The Farmer
      100 percent agree.
    12. MadPropz101
      You need to play a character that can lame him out, like Darkseid, Cyborg or Wonder Woman.
      Up close you will probably lose, unless you're Batman.
    13. Flamelurkr
      Dont use aquaman but i can see that being a hard counter now. Gl b1 is best l great against mikeys pressure and for punishing the drop which is why I'd rather gl lol that move is weird
    14. Flamelurkr
      Flash is the same mindset with way more damage. Flash has to win the mu too.
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    15. MadPropz101
      Yeah he does, he has more damage, better wakeup and is safer on everything.
    16. Flamelurkr
      Lookin like it's bee's turn this year.
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    17. Marinjuana
      I don't think Shell Mill should be in the same company as those two moves. Those moves are hard to punish because there is so little blockstun off of the one hit that its hard to react fast enough, especially assassin strike.

      Shell Mill is completely different, if you block it you have ample time to get ready for the punish, the problem is that it lowprofiles on recovery, so you need to adjust your punish like you would with MKX Sub's slide or even something like catdash.
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    18. Cursa
      I put shell mill in the same boat as Bane's BF2, Beetle's BF3 (at least on whiff), and, yes, cat dash.

      Although Assassin Strike and Lightning Kick should be changed I feel. Assassin Strike especially since it's a fully invincible wakeup that switches sides and also restands so you can't wakeup yourself.
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    19. Konqrr
      Blockstring 50/50s are stupid...

      Put me in hitstun and mix me up. Knock me down and mix me up. Ok. But I am blocking a string... I shouldn't have to guess.
    20. MKF30
      That's some good stuff. Mikey seems like one of those underestimated yet annoying characters to fight against. I guess he's not as bad as some people think he is lol.
    21. Stevie Steelz
      Stevie Steelz
      Green Lantern is straight murder to the turtles. Aquaman is pretty rough as well, but I think GL might be their worst match up.
    22. Stevie Steelz
      Stevie Steelz
      I also think Atom gives them a really tough time.
    23. Flamelurkr
      I can definitely see atom giving them a tough time with stomp and anti oki wake ups. Never used him though.

      If you have to come to gl then your in a nightmare and the turtles do. Projectile immunity doesn't help forever
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    24. Marinjuana
      I haven't played a really good GL but I'm not convinced that Mikey vs GL is a bad matchup. Mikey doesn't really get zoned and while GL's B1 is great, Mikey is one whiff punish, read or even 50/50 away from starting his mixup game or just getting offensive momentum which will reward him more then GL's will.Things like Divekick and Shellmill afford him more options in neutral here then you might imagine.

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