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How to open people up with baraka?

I like to stagger with 1,1 and go for 1,1,2 after or throw. People for some reason like to press buttons when they see 1,1,2 come out. Also throwing in chop-chop at the end of your strings here and there will catch people off guard. And f4 on it's own is around -2 so if they anticipate the whole string you can poke or continue pressure.
Had a dude staggering with 11 into throw or doing 11 and whiff punishing my poke with his low starter due to pushback. There were tons of different things he did in order to stagger me and enforce me going for full crouch to open me up.
His J3 is great to enforce frame advantage as well. I'm not a Baraka player yet though, so take what I said with a grain of salt.

S+ Main

If b3 staggers are working then keep doing them. Also don't underestimate the power of throws they add up (2 throws = 28%).
when you see the opponent walk or you read that there going to walk in neutral use baraka's sweep. it has good range and speed and I think its pretty safe on block. he has a few plus string, condition people to block after them that will set up a throw scenario.

f2,1 is plus and a well spaced f4 can be made plus