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How to Learn the pace of KI?


Just started getting into KI, really been having trouble to change the pace of my game with mixing up between lights, mediums and heavies in combos. My timing is just so off because I'm trying to be random mixing up the types of moves, that I get mixed up of which type I pressed and end up inputting the linker/ender too early or too late.

Also, every move on the screen is kind of difficult to differentiate for me to identify quickly enough to determine the speed I need to input my next move at.

Am I trying to get too advanced too fast? Should I just set up some simple BnBs for me to master the muscle memory then start adjusting them after that? Any tips would help. Thanks.
Resist the urge to make "BnB's" for yourself. It will hurt you in the long run.

I'm going to go ahead and guess that you have a decent amount of trouble with light autos and light linkers, since they're fast and therefore give you the smallest window to input the next part of your chain.

A common starting character is Jago. His light linkers are both very fast, and for a beginner it's easy to miss your auto window on a light laser sword or light windkick linker.

A character like Orchid has linkers with a longer duration (but still equally difficult to break) like Flik Flack. Using a character with longer-duration linkers will give you more time to decide and input what your next move is. So long as you input your auto during your linker, and your linker during your auto, it should come out just fine.