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How To do Twice Spin Dash with Kabal?


Mr Wiggl3s said:
Push left
Push right
Push low-kick
What a horrible reply. No, he doesn't have a "double spin" or anything like that he just has amazing recovery time so you can do it back to back very quickly.
It was Taken out of UMK 3. It was a Pointless thing to to in MK 3.

. The spin has a limit of 1 usage per combo, and 1 hit before it is locked, breakable to 2, for example (aaHPHPgc) Spin after a teleport punch on male ninjas. In MK3 he could spin twice in a row for no particular reason but that was removed. The Saw Blade is disabled while the spin, wobble, or drop out duration of the Spin Dash is active, this was also changed from MK3.

From Kabal's Character Guide.
In order to do the double spin (in mk3), you have to wait until they are in the dizzy animation. It still combos but it's blockable at that point. You can do it unblockable if they are airborne. You can't do it like the CPU does.


When I play Kabal on arcade mode, sometimes he'll spin me twice in a row. It's obviously a glitch in the game, but I thought I'd share that with you guys.