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How to do brutalities with Shao I.A?


Hi community.
Shao is not my main. But I like the characther and i'm trying to learn him. By now i want to complete his ToT towers and since I don't have much time to play i use the I.A. for completing them. I'm stuck at tower 2 because my I.A. has only done 1 brutality in around 200 matches. With other characters i tweak the I.A. stats and always find a way of making the I.A. to do what I need (its quite hard with some characters). My Kitana does a brutality in around 1/3 of the games (doing KB with her is another story), but with Shao i don't know how to make him do brutalities...I know he is the boss and I'm a simple minion, but come on! I only want to give him some nice clothes and items.

Do somebody know a good strategy?

Go to the casual towers , start one where u hp carrys over and its one round only and get to work. Ul have to do manualy most of em but u can proc KBs aswell at the same time.


Tournament Viable Killing Machine
I’ve played a lot of AI battles and most of the cast has pretty awful AI. Shao is an exception in that he can do something similar to optimal combos, but you’re not gonna find a setting to consistently get out brutals. Maybe try booting up an easy endless tower and doing them manually. His D2 one is easy and consistent to get out every game.


Ok. I will do the brutalities playing myself. It will be easier and faster, and i will learn more about lil'Shao too.

The I.A. its quite stupid sometimes...i remember some days ago i put 30 evasion to sonya and ehen she faced another Sonya in a tower both of both girls spent the kombat doing ranged attacks, only. It was as fun as stupid.

Thx for the advices.