Strategy How To Deal With Opponents Who Cross Up

Discussion in 'Gameplay Topics' started by xKhaoTik, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. xKhaoTik

    xKhaoTik Black StarPoison

    This has been eating at me for a while so I decided that we should discuss this. I cringe whenever I see people getting away with cross ups, especially when they have the tools to deal with them. There are quite a few ways of dealing with them, but the most useful tool (imo) is dashing under them. It sounds hard at first, but once you get the muscle memory down and get your reaction time faster, dashing under cross ups will become easy.

    Of course, characters like Sonya can easily uppercut or use ex cartwheel, Lao can spin, Mileena can Roll, characters can njp, etc.

    We all know Pig Of The Hut is gdlk when it comes to this tactic, and he's been preaching it for a while. Some have listened and learned, and I think it's time for the entire community to use this tactic.

    Below is a list of all the characters. I would like to compile a list of ways each character can deal with cross ups. That way, whenever someone needs help when it comes to dealing with crossovers, a list compiled from the community can possibly help.

    Scorpion: d1, d2, ex leg takedown, xray, teleport, spear (dash), ex spear, JK~Grab
    Liu Kang: 2, 1, ex bicycle kick, xray
    Kung Lao: Spin, 2, d1, d3 (lowers hitbox), xray
    Sub-Zero: d3(lowers hitbox), ex slide, 2
    Sindel: Low Fireball
    Ermac: d1, d3(lowers hitbox), lift (dash), d2, jk~tele
    Reptile: elbow dash, elbow dash then slide, d1, d4
    Kitana: Ex Lift (dash), JK~Fan, d1, d3(lowers hitbox), 3
    Johnny Cage: 2, ex nutpunch, d1, b3, xray, d2
    Jade: Ex Glow, d3(lowers hitbox), d1
    Mileena: Roll, d4, d3 (lowers hitbox), JK~sai, JK~tele~sai
    Nightwolf: ex choke, d1, 1
    Cyrax: AA Grab, d1, d4, 1
    Noob: jk~tele, d3 (lowers hitbox), 2. upknee, b1 (dash)
    Smoke: d1, Ex Shake, Smoke Away, 2 (dash), d3 (lowers hitbox)
    Sektor: 1, jk~tele
    Sonya: Ex cartwheel, d2, 1, d4~cartwheel (dash), JK~Grab, xray
    Jax: d1, AA grab, ex overhead smash, 1 (dash)
    Kano: d1, upball, ex straightball
    Stryker: d1
    Shang Tsung: d1, d3(lowers hitbox), ex SS
    Baraka: d1, d4, spin
    Kabal: Ex Dash, d1, 2
    Raiden: Ex Shocker, superman, d1, d3(lowers hitbox), b3 (dash)
    Kratos (lol): parry, D1, 2, ex dash
    Cyber Sub-Zero: parry, close bomb (dash)
    Sheeva: d1, ex grab
    Quan Chi: d1
    Skarlet: d1, ex red dash, d3 (lowers hitbox)
    Kenshi: Spirit charge (dash?), Ex Spirit Charge, Ex Rising Karma, d3(lowers hitbox), d1
    Rain: d4 (dash), ex RH, d1, d3(lowers hitbox), 2 (dash), ex geyser, ex skeet
    Freddy Krueger: d1, close claw (dash), ex claw (dash), ex tele

    Hopefully this will help =/
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  2. Relaxedstate

    Relaxedstate PTH|RM Relaxedstate
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    Kabals easiest cross-up AA is EX-dash
    Also can just dash out from under. Back 2, or standing 4 can work here.
    D1 and standing 2 work also...but can be riskier, and how easy they are to connect depends on the hitbox properties of the character crossing you up
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  3. Noble Raptor

    Noble Raptor Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    Kratos: NJP :rolleyes:


    but for Sektor I think you can just standing 1, either that or dash out and standing 1.
  4. EGP Wonder_Chef

    EGP Wonder_Chef Official Quan Chi Nerf Demander™
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    Kabal's standing fireball is the most godlike anti crossup, but it obviously doesn't give you a combo.
  5. Relaxedstate

    Relaxedstate PTH|RM Relaxedstate
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    It should also be added that players need to become better at reading crossups and stuffing them before they start. NJP!
    Legend even has it that some cray players like Insuperable can NJP AA on reaction
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  6. GGA HAN

    GGA HAN Galloping Ghost Arcade

    cyrax's anti air grab works all the time, just be ready to reverse your inputs.
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  7. xKhaoTik

    xKhaoTik Black StarPoison

    I was thinking that too, but then I remembered his standing 1 is like, microscopic lol. pimpimjim thoughts?
    damn njp on reaction? that's gdlk lol. i can only do that on read ;_;
  8. EGP Wonder_Chef

    EGP Wonder_Chef Official Quan Chi Nerf Demander™
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    sektor standing 1 is definitely great against crossups
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  9. scorpion: d1/ possibly teleport and ex spear i'm not too sure of. Can d2 of course and do ex leg takedown/ xray.
    Sub can do ex slide/ 22 freeze to a full combo.
    Liu can standing 2 crossups then go into a full combo/ can standing 1 them as well. He could also do ex bicycle kick and xray.
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  10. Seapeople

    Seapeople This one's for you

    Cage has it really easy with his option select b3. Sub can use 2 pretty easily against crossups.
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  11. Cossner

    Cossner King of the Jobbers 2015

    For reppy, d1 works pretty nicely and you can follow up with a ff 32xxffb, sfb etc.

    Or elbow dash to slide, which is more reliable but not as swaggy.
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  12. xKhaoTik

    xKhaoTik Black StarPoison

    ahh yes, how can i forget about that b3? its soooo good on cross ups
  13. Scorpion can d1, teleport or dash spear (ff1).
    Jax can d1anti air grab or ex overhead smash.
    Kratos and Cyber Sub can parry pretty easily.
  14. xenogorgeous

    xenogorgeous You talk the talk. Do you walk the walk?

    If well done and having perfect timing, I think almost every character in MK9 is able to escape on reaction from a cross up attempt or even a normal jump punch or jump kick (what normally gives advantage for a tick throw dirty trick next)

    The only doubt is Shang Tsung ..... :confused:
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  15. JagoBlakeFGC

    JagoBlakeFGC Catch me if you can!
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    Just a correction: believe it or not, Kung Lao's spin doesn't work against cross-ups. :( I don't know why this is the case. You'd think that with a six-frame anti-air such as his, it'd blow cross-ups up, but I have had NO success with it.

    Anyway, you know Sonya's anti cross-up measures, so I'll cover some others.

    Scorpion can d1 or EX spear, plus he can do jumpkick - air throw also. In fact, his d1 is GODLIKE against cross-ups. I believe the same can be said for Smoke, who can use EX Shake or just phase away.

    For Raiden, EX shocker or superman (more to escape rather than attack).

    From my experience playing WoundCowboy, Shang Tsung's d1 cannot be stopped by cross-ups. Crazy hitbox on that thing.

    I really don't think it's worth the risk trying to counter cross-ups, honestly. They don't always have to do the punch when crossing up...they can also do the jumpkick, which has a warped hitbox and is practically designed to stop anti-airs (losing only to armor, of course). The increased damage and block advantage off of both moves just makes me prefer to block and wait for the time to blow them up...except when I get chipped to death. :( The reward for a successful cross-up is just ridiculous.

    Still, an admirable effort from you. Thanks for making the thread.

    EDIT: Just to add to this, don't try using Raiden's teleport to evade cross-ups. It will NEVER work, you'll just eat a combo for maximum damage every time.

    And if I'm not mistaken, Sindel's low fireball lowers her hitbox enough to avoid them.
  16. xKhaoTik

    xKhaoTik Black StarPoison

    yes this can be done. I've played a few people who can dash under normal jump in attacks. I can do it as well
  17. EGP Wonder_Chef

    EGP Wonder_Chef Official Quan Chi Nerf Demander™
    Official ESL Gaming

    Weird, I've never had spin fail me.

    Is it getting stuffed for you?
  18. EGP Wonder_Chef

    EGP Wonder_Chef Official Quan Chi Nerf Demander™
    Official ESL Gaming

    I find Shang's d1 a really amazing anti crossup.

    Also WoundCowboy uses d3 to duck underneath crossups.

    You can also dash under and standing 1.
  19. JagoBlakeFGC

    JagoBlakeFGC Catch me if you can!
    Premium Supporter

    Yeah man, somehow it gets stuffed. I've received similar input from other Kung Lao players regarding this topic. I don't know, maybe we're just mistiming it?
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  20. astronout

    astronout see you at the top.

    Shang's D1, D3 or back dashing away are his best options for either avoiding or punishing crossovers. EX SS is also an option but it is not consistent.
  21. EGP Wonder_Chef

    EGP Wonder_Chef Official Quan Chi Nerf Demander™
    Official ESL Gaming

    Maybe. Try doing it a bit earlier, it's active for quite a while.
  22. TakeAChance

    TakeAChance TYM White Knight

    Jades D3 is godlike for avoiding cross over punches.
  23. Glass Sword

    Glass Sword Nobody
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    Smoke can d1, d1 smoke bomb if they are touching or within d1 distance and cross up. If they are farther away you can hit them with 2 if you are a Jedi. You can also enhanced shake. Dashing under them is iffy I can't get it down Smoke's dash is meh. Maybe smoke in?
  24. Chaosphere

    Chaosphere The Free Meter Police
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    Raiden: d1, d3 can avoid crossups sometimes, ex-shocker, b3 combo if you dash under them like you mentioned, standing 1~vb but requires precise timing right after they cross over your head
  25. Da fuq!? using up meter to combat cross ups?
    Y not just d1 into combos? DOWN ONE + cross up = combos!! Combos = winning!!!!
    Honestly what's so fucking hard about d1 ing the piss out of...
    Oh hi online. Hello community.

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