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Video/Tutorial How to counter Batman b23


Death is my business

So since if someone blocks the bomb Batman is at advantage ( or gets free trait ) here's some way to deal with it.

The backdash and jump are universal ways to counter it ( haven't tested if the bigger characters / slow startup can't jump it , you guys can test that out ) while some other characters with air dashes can get closer and use some in air moves.

Lastly characters with really good forward dashes can catch up on him and be left at slight disadvantage and that's if batman doesn't do anything ( if he tries to dash now you're at advantage ) , superman can also punish Batman if he tries to link his trait as shown in the video , notice that you must be close when you block b23 to be able to dash forward ( if you block the tip of the b2 hitbox you will get caught by the bomb when trying to dash forward ) also you won't be able to do this if you block the b2 holding down.