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how to beat Sheeva's stomp ONLINE post ultimate


As the title says. I have been getting obliterated by sheeva players with just stomp and can't do anything with sub zero. Any suggestions what should I practice? Dashing or walking wasn't working for Sub even before ultimate now it doesn't work on any character. I also play scorpion and a little bit frost and noob but I have no counter with any of these characters. I was even trying rain and his evaporate move but it has massive recovery frames and sheeva even after stomp can punish that. Any suggestions?
Terminator's teleport has been great for dealing with scrubby Only Stomps Sheevas and he is fairly easy to learn.

Less character specific, before and after Ultimate I've found just wave dashing like your ass is on fire gets me out of it more often than not (though it doesn't always leave me in a position to punish)


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this move is so cheap
you can also spam this till death against CPU, just D,U ...

this move sometimes feels like an unblockable homing missile ...

ps: i love the stomp brutal tho


I'm playing online only so D+2 is 50/50. Wave dashing is tricky to learn but I might try. So far I had some success with scorpion teleport timed well but it's not fool proof. Dashing post Ultimate patch doesn't work, I tested on several characters on which it worked before.


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I never had an issue countering this move?
Only in the beginning when sheeva was first released


If possible could you go into further details about what's not applicable anymore?
Normal walking is caught by sheeva's stomp. Her stomp has bigger collision now and will always catch you if you try to walk or dash, but perhaps there are some exceptions. I tested it on several characters on which dash/walk worked for me before Ultimate patch and it doesn't work anymore. I watched even Sonic playing vs some sheeva player and even he failed to get out of stomp several times during one match.


Dash after they have left the screen and keep walking in that direction has worked for me on who I've tried it on.

Them stealth-buffing Sheeva stomp like this is ridiculous, mind.
I will give it a try. At the moment I found that Scorpion's well timed teleport is a good counter and Frost's Blade Spin. That's for the characters I'm playing I bet others have their own ways to deal with it but I'm not the kind of player who plays entire cast :p I stick to 1-4 chars and that's it.

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You know one of the best counters for Sheeva's stomp is... Sheeva's stomp.

As long as you're not too late (and beacause the move is so quick to produce, it's equally easy to quickly input your own when you see it being launched), the second player to take off will always annihilate the first player's stomp with their own.
Her stomp has bigger collision now and will always catch you if you try to walk or dash, but perhaps there are some exceptions.
I'm able to forward dash out of it with Sub Zero very consistently. Delay makes it significantly harder as you need to guess the timing, but by no means will it "always " catch you


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Since my main is Kano I honestly just do his cannonball move, and once she lands, I just throw the knives at her. Sometimes I don’t even want to fight against her because of that stupid stomp move.