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Question - Grandmaster How to anti-air jump-ins as Sub Zero?

Hi everyone, long time reader here but I haven't posted very much. I'm a Sub player and I've only recently been able to consistently do his optimal combos. The next element of the game I'd really like to learn/practice is anti-airing jump-ins. I know that certain characters have better/worse jump-ins than others, so to a certain extent I'm sure it can be matchup-specific, but I'm wondering if anyone has any general tips or advice in terms of how to AA with Sub Zero, and what the best follow-ups are? I've seen other Sub players AA using S1, and I've also seen Sub players anti-crossup using D1 and even D3. If you do get a successful AA hit, what is the best way to follow it up for more damage? Sub lacks in the advancing mids department, but I know he has F4,2,slide...is that one of the best (or only) options after a successful AA? Any help is greatly appreciated! :)