How should the NRS community feel about the MK11 non-reveal? The Netherkast speaks!

Discussion in 'Podcasts, Shows & Archives' started by Charybdis, Jun 24, 2018.

By Charybdis on Jun 24, 2018 at 2:16 PM
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    Non-reveal, de-confirmation, disavowal, call it what you will, the brute fact of the matter is that the NRS community, to a man, expected SOMETHING NRS related at E3. A reveal of MK11 had been rumoured for Combo Breaker, the week before E3 and E3 itself, with the hypothetical game the subject of huge amounts of speculation, ‘leaks’ and discussion, to the point where the community, myself included, essentially took it for granted.

    I did Cap, I did. Just like you assumed that not just killing Vision was in any way a responsible decision.

    It was assumed that NRS wouldn’t break their traditional two year cycle, particularly not for their flagship franchise, the latest iteration of which was the best selling game of 2015, the highest selling console fighting game in the history of the series and one of the best fighting games of all time, almost certainly top 3. But they did. With no reveal and an explicit admission from Ed Boon himself that the cycle was being broken, all the self-created hype exited the community almost instantaneously.

    Pictured: the hype.

    But like Radiohead once said, “you do it to yourself, ba-dow-dow, and that’s why it really hurts”

    So what now? How do we analyse this, process this? In short, what now?

    Well, the boys from the Netherkast were as eagerly anticipating MK11 as any of us, having done several videos on the topic, and like the rest of us got that sinking feeling when it became all too apparent that we were pinning our hopes on a horse that wasn’t even running. Luckily for us, they’ve gotten together to eat some crow and assess the non-reveal and what it means and maybe how we should feel about it.

    It's a great episode and, if nothing else, there's no better way to end a Sunday or start a Monday than with some fresh podcast content! So join our boys @Shad, @Temp @JangoGMs and the rest for some quality NK goodness!

    As always, check back to TYM for all the latest news on everything NRS, including Injustice 2 and the Mortal Kombat series!
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Discussion in 'Podcasts, Shows & Archives' started by Charybdis, Jun 24, 2018.

    1. TarkatanDentist
      Pointless nitpick: Super Smash Bros Brawl is the best selling fighting game of all time, not Tekken 3.

      Back on topic, when all is said and done, no news is no news. I'm having enough fun with Injustice 2 that I don't mind if we wait a bit longer for the next NRS game to come out. Anyone who isn't as big an Injustice fan still has MKXL - no doubt that even 3 years on there's still lots of stuff in that game which hasn't been fully fleshed out.
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    2. HeavyNorse
      We all know it's coming. I was disappointed it wasn't announced at E3, but if they aren't ready, then they aren't ready. Doesn't mean MK11 isn't coming. We know it is. They just need more time, and that's okay. I'm a patient guy, I can wait. ^^
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    3. Swindle
      I was going to crank up the Whitesnake, get lit, and bang some Eurasian supermodels...but then a new NK dropped. Put your clothski’s back on, Svetyamamoto. Daddy ain’t got time for your Kremlin-scented titties!
    4. Charybdis

      Obliged, fixed!
    5. Darth-Nero
      Well, the Netherkast was a major contributor on the mk11 anticipation overhype that was built literally over nothing. How should the community feel? regret that we allowed ourselves to hype over things that don't exist, And we'd appreciate it if the Netherkast and whatnot channels would stfu and stop milking that topic any further.
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    6. Temp
      We hyped up mk11 because we were following an eight-year cycle. No one saw this coming. We had a pretty solid basis for our prediction even if it was wrong.

      This sentiment doesn’t really help us now anyway. The whole theme of the new episode is “All bets are off. Anything can happen. Let’s just move on with our lives.” No one is making any predictions at the moment.

      Also, blaming the Netherkast for the overhype is grossly unfair. We’ve been commenting on a hype train that clearly already existed. Even if we had shut down our channel in February, there’s still the zillions of click videos that have been posted by other channels. Maximillian literally told his audience there was 99% chance mk11 was gonna be revealed. This hype bubble isn’t the product of any channel or even the community: we were just following the pattern set by history like the rest of the world.
    7. MKF30
    8. HeavyNorse
      Well said, Temp. You guys just make the waiting time less painful, so please keep up being awesome and doing those podcasts! ♥
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    9. ChatterBox
      NRS makes pretty fantastic games with that two year time limit. I am hyped at what they can do with three or four years.
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    10. Charybdis
      Honestly I want a new engine
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    11. Baconlord
      Lay off my boy cap. Even if they killed vision at the beginning thanos was just going to time travel and get it anyway. They were fucked regardless. If you're gonna blame anyone then blame starlord
    12. portent
      I'll listen later on my drive home from work, however, I'll be honest, this is a really nice break from tradition. NRS games never have a chance to mature, and Injustice 2 is really a great game. It deserves time to continue to mature, to stand on its own outside the shadow of Mortal Kombat. Maybe a 3/4 year cycle is exactly what NRS needs to let these games stand the test of time and for players to stop dropping them after a year or 18 months.

      Personally, I think this is a great idea. Let injustice 2 rock for another year, then crank it up for MK and give us a solid 3-4 years with a very deep game with a deep fighting system that will stand the test of time.
    13. scarsunseen
      Just gotta wait. I have no feelings about this. I have nothing to invest emotionally over a situation in which I have no control. Beep boop. I am a robot.
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    14. Darth-Nero
      Correct, Am not singling you out or hold you responsible for creating the hype. You were just cashing in by fueling the hype train with continued false hope till the very end like the other major channels (max, dynasty, super)

      But you're not less guilty of this senseless overhype than they are. Even after there was no reveal on Combo Breaker nor the week before E3, raising several red flags, You never once stopped and talked about the possibility that their might not be an mk11 reveal despite the obvious signs that the pattern is broken.

      The only channel i know that had enough courtesy to be realistic with the community and prepare them for the possibility that there might not be an mk11 reveal at E3 is "history behind the warrior" channel:

      Something that all of you money grubbing all talk; no substance click bait video channels never bothered to do.

      All in all i actually stopped giving a crap about those videos a long time ago, It just bothers me to see this nonsense keep making front page in here even after the mk11 hype died out. I don't come to TYM for this crap, keep it at youtube where it belongs.
    15. Killphil
      To be fair, shortly after Injustice 2 came out Ed Boon was being interviewed and they asked him all sorts of questions regarding the game and the gear system etc.

      One very important part was when the guy specifically said they've been releasing games on a two year cycle and that IJ2 was a very ambitious project etc. etc. and boon said something along the lines of "It might be time to go further than/break the two year cycle after this..."

      This was way back in the early IJ2 days or perhaps leading up to its release.
    16. Temp
      First off, this “senseless overhype guilt” is just nonsense. All logical reasoning pointed to mk11 being revealed. Anyone who disagreed with that BEFORE June has the burden of proof on them. What evidence was going AGAINST the notion of a reveal?

      And the reason we never commented on the silence is because we didn’t record a Netherkast. The fact that you didn’t know that makes me think your not actually familiar with our work; your just grouping us in with community channels you hate.

      And “cashing in”? “Money grubbing”? What are you talking about? There is VERY litttle money in what we do, and I have not accepted a dime since we started, so maybe drop the judginess, dude. Edit: another indicator that you’re not actually familiar with our content is that your calling our videos clickbait. They’re not clickbait. If you think they’re clickbait, then you don’t know what clickbait is.
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    17. God Confirm
      God Confirm
      exactly. we dont trade lives
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    18. zabugi
      Honestly I prefer mkx to injustice 2 even though they're both great games. The doc as a whole decided to kill mkx but the game is still fun and crazy. #bestcharacterselectcreenever. If only there would be enough support for mkx, the two year gap for a new game wouldn't matter anymore.
    19. Nulak
      I can wait one more year for a reveal if that mean having stunning visual that will make all other fighting games looks like old game.
    20. GLoRToR
      I totally need other people to tell me how I should feel. Please tell me how my bowel movement should be too, I can't do anything on my own :(
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    21. Cursa
      Tbh I came into here to spout some other nonsense about "The game's not coming out, stop beating the dead horse" or whatever the old saying goes like.

      But I change my mind reading this

      Not to bash Netherkast. but in fact I think there is a significant amount of people who overhyped this game. Youtube was just the big boy one. TYM did too but it's not like it was anyone's direct fault, there were fuckloads of people who overhyped it on TYM. Random newbies, thread creators, whatever

      If people are gonna bash Netherkast or YTbers (Except for the ones we KNOW are in it for them dollarydoos), then they need to take on the brunt of people who overhyped this game.

      I don't know what I'm trying to say exactly... but there's a lot of blame to go round I guess.Yeah there's gonna be the high and mighty's who go "Lol knew MK11 wasn't being released before I was even born", but like fuck that noise.

      And I'm gonna be THAT guy and be super hypocritical and say the website is called TESTYOURMIGHT.COM and we're complaining about NETHERKAST talking too much about MK11.

      Just sayin. I think this thread is tasteful compared to the "wonder what playstyles are gonna be in MK11" x 5.

      tldr; gj
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    22. Temp
      I hear ya. If people were bothered by our videos, I guess the best message I could give to the them is this: if there was a strong indicator prior to June that MK11 wasn't going to be revealed at E3, we would have covered it. We just didn't know.

      And in retrospect, that wouldn't have stopped our speculations anyway. We're commentators/analysts for MK. Not speculating isn't in the cards for us. If we don't have data, we make predictions. IMO, there isn't enough of that. I really miss the gameplay podcasts of the MK9 era, and THANK GOD Hippo and Slips have stepped up with their new show. Hopefully this sticks and occupies the void that was left when KTP died.

      Either way, we appreciate the feedback. We're always open to responses even if they're negative. Accusations on the other hand... that's a different story, lol. This stuff below here doesn't make any sense to me.

      There are so many things wrong here that I couldn't type it all on my phone at work. For one, he's implying NK is a money job, even though all four of us have been in the community for over 10 years analyzing MK. The second problem is that he's basically calling our listeners idiots. False hope? By speculating about a game we think is coming out? We never claimed to know more than anybody else, and people who follow us knew that. ANYONE who heard the podcast would have known that.

      Finally, he compared Maximillian to Dynasty. I love Max, but even if someone doesn't... comparing him to Dynasty? What? In no world does that make sense, lol.
    23. KLK Lukas
      KLK Lukas
      Why are people getting so butt hurt about MK 11 stuff? I can understand the annoyance at the click bait channels like dynasty, but not for the guys on the NK and everyone on TYM.
      The guys at the NK create some really good (free) content, and if you don't like the topics that they discuss then that's on you, not them. If you paid for the video and didn't like it then I can understand you getting triggered by it, but it's free... if you don't wanna watch it then just skip it.
      The same goes for the threads on TYM, how dare people discuss the future of MK on an MK forum site?!... If you don't like the threads then simply scroll past them... or better still don't use the website?
      All the butt hurt comments just make you look like an asshole trying to bring other people down, at least @Shad, @Temp @JangoGMs are creating something for the fans, not just coming on here to insult people
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    24. TheGabStandard
      I haven't listened to the show yet but will say this. NRS' pattern of game releases has been a sure thing for so long now. Probably from the point I2 Legendary Edition came out I imagine most people thought, "i2 is done, MK11 is in the works for a 2019 release, annoucement will be soon" because that is the pattern. There may have been indications that NRS would break their cycle that I have missed but from memory I don't recall coming across anything that suggested that NRS will change their release pattern now. So what people call "overhype" was basically commentary from what we have always experienced in the past, a new game every two years.

      Also Darth-Nero, the NK team have been around for a long time. If you go back to the early episodes you can tell they are just a group of guys with an enormous amount of passion for Mortal Kombat. This is all done out of love, Not money or likes.

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