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Question How old is the Red Dragon founder and when was the Red Dragon founded in Earthrealm?

How old is Daegon? (read below description)

  • a) 10.000 years old, similar in age with Kitana, Rain, Jade (she and Kitana are roughly same age), m

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  • b) a few thosand years older than 10.000, had lived some time before entombed, despite Taven calling

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  • c) millions of years old

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We learn from the MK Armageddon konquest mode that Argus and Edenia were at War with Outworld, an event which we know to be from 10.000 years ago (of course, it could have started earlier, but Shao Kahn is not the patient type to be at War with someone for thousands of years).

We also learn from Rain's MK9 vignette that Shao Kahn's troops attacking Edenia lasted for some years, enough at least for Rain to grow up from a todler into a young man and be a part of an "Edenian Resitance", so at least a War of about 20 years. Aso during this time could have grown up Kitana, Daegon etc. More backstory on Rain and why he was not raised by Argus in his MK11 bio and ending.

Even though Edenia had lost the MK Tournaments and Shao Kahn's Outworld was allowed to invade, Edenia was much stronger than Earthrealm in MK9 and pushed back the invasion, with Armageddon's konquest mode telling us that the House of Argus, with his 2 sons Taven and Daegon and the dragons Orin and Caro defended the realm from Shao Kahn and as long as they lived Outworld was not able to win the War. Course, neither Argus nor Taven or Daegon could have fought in Mortal Kombat being Gods or half-Gods, so it's understandable why Edenia lost 10 MKs.

But eventually Argus and Delia have a vision of the end of the worlds starting from Edenian Southlands and take it to the Elder Gods, who instruct them to entomb their most trusted (their children) together with the dragons and bestow Delia with the ppwer to create Blaze, a weapon to be used by the most worthy Argus successor. Blaze will though be found by Onaga priests and captured for thousands of years (we see a remnant image of this on The Bridge in MK1, but it happened long ago).

How much Edenia lost through the entombent of Taven and Daegon is not known, but presumably Argus could still hold off Shao Kahn on his own and Edenia had other magical users as well, with the House of King Jerrod and Queen Sindel also being very strong. It is the understanding that Shao Kahn could not finally win the War except for Daegon waking up early and being lied to by Shinnok and poisoned against his parents and with Daegon killing his father and mother in their Temples, Shao Kahn was finally able to win the Edenian War and take Sindel as his wife (with or without the retcon).

Afterwards, Daegon takes his guardian dragon who had been his friend from childhood and makes him a slave, takes him to other realms, eventually settling in Earthrealm and forming the Red Dragon. The name Daegon is inspired by the Ancient Middle Eastern deity "Dagon", the writers meaning to say that the Red Dragon Organization was active in Earthrealm since ancient times. From them, in recent years, members who did not follow the strict Code of Daegon, went on to form the more ruthless and criminal Black Dragon.

Now why would have Shinnok found a way to the place where Daegon was entombed and messed with his mind so that he killed his parents Argus and Delia for Edenia to fall into the hands of Shao Kahn? What was Shinnok's gain? Well, he had his own plan and perhaps the War in Edenia had the Elder Gods moving their sights there while Shinnok was creating his Amulet in order to attack Earthrealm. So just as Shao Kahn was killing King Jerrod, Shinnok could unleash his Earthrealm War without being stopped by the Elder Gods. He was eventually stopped, we know that his and Raiden's (with assistance from the Elder Gods) battle damaged the entire planet and the only civilization that remained was early humans, with the saurins having to relocate to Zaterra, because it was no longer suitable for them to live in Earthrealm. Reiko's bio in MK4 also states he fought in this Battle, so Reiko must also be over 10.000 years old.

Other people might think that this battle took place millions of years ago because of a bio from Khameleon that says her and Reptile's race evolved from dinosaurs, but that is only talking about evolution, like Homo Sapiens Sapiens also evolved from the lesser primates. It wouldn't make sense for Reiko to be millions of years old or for Shinnok to still be worshipped as benevolent during the Edenian War 10.000 years ago. More likely, Shinnok attacked Earthrealm also 10.000 years ago, as Shao Kahn was taking over Edenia and the Elder Gods' sights were drawn to that realm. There is actually in recorded human history a massive cataclysm happening abput 10.000 years ago, right before the Agricultural Revolution, from which the legends of Ancient Middle Eastern Sumer and Akkadia and pretty much all civilizations took the myth of the "Flood", in which very few escaped with their life.

For Shinnok to be able to find Daegon's entombment place but still not find Taven's even after 10.000 years (the plot of MK Armageddon's konquest mode) Shinnok must have been mentally following Daegon. And there is this implied fatherly-son connection between them, with Shinnok pretending to be more of a father to Daegon than Argus was and Daegon trusting him more, like a Palpatine figure.

For Daegon to be this gullible and trust Shinnok, I presume he was young or pretry young during those events. Course, since being awoken, there have passed 10.000 years and he is now much older even that Taven, because when they meet in Armageddon's konquest mode, Taven remarks that Daegon looks older even for an Edenian (and we know from how Kitana looks that 10.000 years is barely enough to make a difference about aging).

So how old is Daegon actually?


a) He was pretty young when he was entombed and awoken shortly after and has been living for 10.000 years anassing the Red Dragon Army, rounding up fighters such as Mavado or Hsu Hao across cultures and time (could have done better :D , but we haven't met all the Red Dragons maybe)

b) He was already a few thousands of years old when he was entombed and we can add the 10.000 years since he woke up as well, but this doesn't explain why he would trust Shinnok to kill his mom and dad (now his older brother Taven can be thousands of years older and with more experience than him , but I doubt that Daegon is)

c) He is millions of years old, the Shinnok-Raiden battle took place during the times of the dinosaurs and Shao Kahn has been trying to conquer Edenia for 500.000 X 1.000 years, because that's what it would mean if the intro with Argus and Shao Kahn at War in MK Armageddon, when Shinnok was still worshipped by Taven, takes place that much before the 10.000 years ago Edenia fall. It eould also mean Fujin has been sitting in the Temple of Elements guarding Shinnok's Amulet for 65 MILLION years, which would be impossible. And it would mean that Argus looks the same millions of years ago as when Daegon wakes up and kills him (MKX Kenshi and Takeda endings). Course, he's a God and probably doesn't age, but then....why did he age in the firat place and looks like an old man?

So which would you choose?

a) 10.000 years old, similar in age with Kitana, Rain, Jade (she and Kitana are roughly same age), maybe Tanya

b) a few thosand years older than 10.000, had lived some time before entombed, despite Taven calling him "young brother"

c) millions of years old