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How often do you buy comics?


Maybe its just me...But I don't like digital comics....its not the idea of them, rather I ust like the FEEL of a comic book in my hand.
Lol yea see with me I've never been put off by not having that. But I specifically hate individual issues. I love matrix style pulling down any comic I've ever purchased to my ipad, instead of looking through boxes for these little pamphlets sized books (cringes). To each his own though.


I have basically everything under DC's Vertigo imprint. Lucifer, Hellblazer, Sandman, Preacher, 100 Bullets are all my favorites. For new 52 i only really enjoy Animal Man, Swamp Thing and Aquaman. I'm a collecter so i get all my stuff paper copies.
This man has taste.


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Every week lol. Mostly DC/Vertigo and Image stuff, but I am following a few Marvel titles as well.


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I've been thinking about starting a comic collection. Unfortunately we don't have any comic book stores around here, so I'd probably have to order online. But I'd definitely like to find some rare comics and keep them for a long time.
AL has comics. Also, if you happen to be in Dayton, there's 4 different comic shops in the area.


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This was the last series of comics I bought and later sold for a good profit.

I don't buy comics anymore because they are too expensive. I either hear about the stories or read them from my friends or simply don't care.
Have you read any of he new52? Both american comics and Manga can both have shit story telling depending on what you're reading
Something like deathnote is really original and very good. Makes you want to keep turning the page. I've just never found that with comics. Every comic I've ever picked up just seems to be really cheesy. But maybe I'm looking at the wrong ones.