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How many characters do you use?


You're my fan if you can't stop shitposting me.
Pyromancer - Main
Hollywood - I'd love to be good at it but... yeah.
Royal Storm - Working on it
Mournful - Tried, but feels kinda weak, maybe I'm not playing it right.


Have you had your MK today?
Smoke - Main
Crystalline - Secondary
Gunslinger - When im on my last legs
CSZ - When im bored and give up trying to win

Going to learn Sektor soon, maybe Shinok

I played some Impostor Shinnok on a whim last night and was pleasantly surprised, at least for my level of play. He has good speed, combos flowed pretty darn well and mimic has good setup potential. Was getting some consistent damage against Bo Rai Cho Invasion Boss too, especially with the help of air teleport.

I may have found the missing piece in my main triforce.
Liu Kang: Dragon Fire (Learning Flame Fist)
D'vorah: Swarm Queen
Kano: Cybernetic (Learning Commando)
Tremor: Crystalline & Aftershock (Learning Metallic)
Erron Black: All
Kung Lao: Tempest
Shinnok: Bone Shaper

Hoping to Pick Up
- Cassie Brawler and Hollywood
- Kitana Mournful
- Johnny Cage Fisticuffs
- Sektor
- Kung Jin: Bojutsu