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How do you unsub from a thread or profile comment chain?


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So... I made the mistake of commenting once on a profile and now there is a huge argument on that thread.. so eveytime I log into TYM I get a zillion notifications all form this one comment chain on somone's profile. I think it is as there is a char limit so a single post is actually like 3 or 4.

Anyway... with the fourm.. if I click the bell and then just choose NOT to click the thread.. I get no more notifications for it... but I can not work out a way to stop the notifications for the comment chain on a profile.

  1. How can I unsub from from a comment chain on a user profile?
  2. How can I unsub from a thread on the fourm?


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What happens if you delete your original post off the chain? I dunno if that would work or not but it's an idea.


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Watch/Unwatch button top right of thread does it for forum threads. Is there something similar for user profile comments?
not that I can see

It has never been a problem for as people post a few comments and the thread dies... but not this time.


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On top of the web page you're on, there should be something you can click on that says "Unwatch"


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You have to delete any comment(s) you made on the post to stop getting notifications. I wish there were another way similar to unwatching threads, but alas, here we are. :/