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How do you open up ppl with jade ?


End Of Humanity
So i started to play jade like a month ago . Im running delia air projectile and low projectile. Some players I just cant open up . They dont try to fb last hit of b3 string , always block low and can react well to most staggers i do . What to do vs them ?


Up rock incoming, ETA 5 minutes
Patient defense is definitely a good strategy against her but you could


B3 into B3 string

If they are going to block, you have F3 string, F21, F2~Delia

B3434 is +5 with pushback but Jade should own that range pretty well, especially with air glaive. If they are too scared to FB it, take the chip and create some mindgames afterwards. You could just go back to zoning if you want

There is also some more mix heavy loadouts that Jade could use, with the extra strings and the dash/dash cancel.