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How do you guys like to use Raiden's Trait?

I feel like I should use Raiden's trait more, but I have a hard time using it effectively. It seems nice to be able to trick people up with the extended hits, and I recently learned it can be HKD if not held to the last hit. But I find when I pop my trait people rush me down and I have a hard time dealing with it.

How you guys think Raiden's trait is used most effectively, or in what scenarios do you think it is most effective?


Raiden enthusiast
So because Raiden’s trait does a whole lot of things, there are several situations where you want to activate it, for several reasons.
  • In the neutral (only in matchups where you don’t get punished for it)
    • Reason: Slightly improving B12 and F2B3 as footsie tools. Note that B12 becomes harder to punish if you’re able to hold it, and it also allows you to confirm it into Superman (or ‘Electric Fly’ but the community just says Superman). 112B3 could also build you some good meter in the neutral/give some damage.
    • Second reason: To use Far and In-Place teleports to throw off your opponent and get some distance in. Also works great if you’re nearing the corner and you want to get out with Far Teleport.
  • After a hard knockdown / 113 splat
    • Reason: To do a lightning string on oki for damage, or to try and go for a trait combo for fat damage. Raiden’s knockdowns don’t give you enough advantage to go for a trait activation and an orb setup as far as I know, so disregard the orbs here.
  • Mid combo
    • Reason: To end your combo in a knockdown (113 for a good splat or traited F12B2 for a hard knockdown) and go into MB Orb on someone’s wakeup. If they block it, you’re super plus and could potentially build back your bar with a full 112B3. The quality of this setup depends on who you’re fighting though.