How do you escape the Ermac reset?

Discussion in 'Ermac' started by Noserfatu, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. Noserfatu

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    When he charges his move and continues the combo. I think its the psychic strikes move. I played this Ermac who would just continue to charge B2 as I landed next to him and continue the combo, and didn't know how to escape. I don't think D1 or D3 worked.. do you just have to block it? block low?
  2. QjonPL

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    d+1/d+3 to poke him out of charging.
  3. Enenra

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    If the player is always charging it up, hit him. With anything. Full kombo if you can. Some people will cancel the charge though so it's a 50/50 guessing game....

    If they are good, lol.
  4. Sage Leviathan

    Sage Leviathan UPR Sarah Silverman

    The joy i gain from b2~cancel, f4 :3
  5. Kindred

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    When you get knocked down and he starts charging, just roll back.

    What I do is charge, cancel by dashing back because some people try to cross jump, and I just uppercut them. Then catch them in a beautiful TKS and do a 40% combo :p
  6. Skkra

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    The move becomes unblockable when fully charged. Otherwise, you can block it and get the full punish of your choice.

    Ways to escape it:
    - Poke him out of it (D+1 or D+3 are very fast)
    - Throw him
    - If you've been knocked down, roll back
    - If you've been knocked down, STAY DOWN and let him whiff it

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