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How Awesome is Blade Charge Armor Break (50% Damage


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Not gonna lie, when I land this against good players it feels so satisfying to me and I'm so happy NRS made sure to give the juice to Berzerker.

TrueUnderdawg clearly doesn't understand armor breaks because Marauder with all his damage shouldn't have access to an armor breaker like Berzerker does and NRS actually thought about the importance of universality versus strategic balance. Berzerker normally does unbreakable damage so whenever you open them up with a 1,2,2 KB or down 2 KB it makes perfect sense that people are more inclined to break or just take the damage when they know the match up so either way you win in these scenarios. NRS balanced it intelligently so Berzerker's theme of being the anti-breakaway variation only got strengthened.

Also you should end your gutted combos in chop chop instead of what you're doing.

I think the mindset on zoning doesn't benefit anyone though, it's just a different play style at the end of the day not something to overthink too much in a negative context. Baraka especially Marauder or a custom with gutted does so much consistent damage on opponents when he opens them up that comparing it to a zoner even if they keep you out for half the match, it just takes one opening to even it back up.
excellent post post, thank you. I think everyone was just caught up with the excitement of the breakers... now that time has past yeah they made a good choice.

and with chop chop, whats funny is I do that in my older vids and totally forgot in these... guess I play too many characters