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Hidden Brutality endings and how to perform them.

You're missing Erron Black's "Hard To Swallow" (D, B, F+1): Hold D+1+FLIP STANCE+BLOCK immediately after the Brutality animation starts in order to throw a TNT stick into your opponent’s mouth.
Thank you for letting us know about this one! Really hoping that there are more to be found.


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Jacqui has another one.

I believe it’s called Target Destroyed, the one where she does air blast downward. Normally it pops the top of their skull open and they spasm as a geyser of blood shoots out.

There’s a version of it where instead their entire body blows up.

Unfortunately I’ve only seen it and never did it so I don’t know how.

Also there’s an input to make Shang not morph at all, but I don’t remember it either lol