Her Majesty's Kouncil Ep: 39 - We're All Youtube Scrubs

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  1. TheGabStandard

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    Hello all,

    Episode 39 is up now where we mainly talk about the recent Kombat Kasts revealing Kabal and Jade among the other random things we end up talking about.

    MP3: https://www.mediafire.com/file/oh5idntixaf0s65/HMK_Ep_39_-_We're_All_Youtube_Scrubs.mp3/file

    Not sure if these people are still active here but will tag anyway

    @SneakyTortoise @Scott The Scot @Matix218 @PunkMafia83 @1man3letters @Paul the Octopus @ChatterBox @ZigZag @rubmytaco @The Bearded Dan @Espio @The_Tile @DownfouralitY @Baconlord @Braindead
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  2. Braindead

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    I heard this guy isn't active on TYM anymore

    I'll give it a listen soon
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  3. ChatterBox

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    I'll listen tonight (in about six hours), thanks much for tagging me. Glad you guys are back.
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  4. I'll give it a listen! Cheers
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  5. PunkMafia83

    PunkMafia83 PSN: YaRnToNpUnKMAFIA

    I will check it out during the week. Really appreciate the tag keep the casts coming guys!
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