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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussion' started by REO, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. REO

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    It has come to my attention that AU_IM_DIGIMON needs help attending NEC. We all know that despite your various insults and disrespect towards him in many streams and forum posts, you all still have a soft spot for all he has done over the course and life of this game. By doing so it shows, despite his recent vocal displeasure of the game we play, we will still help a member of our community attend an major event.

    Let not his recent opinion sway you of the truth, you know you love this valued member of our community. If you want to express your concern and help this guy, please send our help to [email protected] Together, we'll prove that we give everyone a chance and appreciate all in our community.

  2. Big Frog

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    The amount of win in that picture is too much for me.
  3. Cat

    Cat This guy looks kind of tuff...

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  4. rev0lver

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    Digi why are you sitting on a little girl's bicycle with a boner?
  5. Cossner

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  6. gdf

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    I would try to help if this thread wasn't started by REO of all people.

    I am in the process of getting money to donate to other MK drives as well.
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  7. lol digi looks like the guy from hot tub time machine so much in that pic
  8. Derptile

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  9. Does anyone else find it weird that the little kids bikes are next to the treadmills in that store?
  10. B W1zZ

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  11. redeyes

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    Why the fuck would he need help travelling to Philadelphia? He has a pink bicycle.

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  13. Big Frog

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    Digi prob popped that back wheel, and left that shit.
  14. I deserve every dime I get. IMO!


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