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Question - Hellfire Help with option selecting.


I've gotten down the 214, FBC, 214, FB Dash Cancel down really well now but i don't know what to do if my opponent just suddenly lets go of block and i hit them with 214. Is there a option select or something like that so if i do 214, FBC on block it continues the blockstring but if i hit them it will do a teleport or something? I just started scorpion today :) I was just wondering if there was any option select like this.



your soe will BERRN
First off, you can do 2 fireball run cancels in one blockstring before you can't run again.

Second, you should be able to hitconfirm a teleport combo if they stop blocking. If the first hit of 214 lands, swap your fireball for a teleport.

Third, here are some suggestions:
214 FBC 214 FBC 214 EXFireball. +8 on block
214 FBC hellfire.
214 FBC b3 FBC 214. Gives a combo if they don't block low.
214 FBC f2/f4. Conditions them to block low.
214 FBC 214 FBC 214 Fireball dash cancel, throw. Throws won't connect from a run cancel but they will from a dash cancel.