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Help vs Kung Lao

Hello, I'm a spring clean Cetrion player for those who dont know. I'm having enormous problems in this matchup, I just don't know how i should be playing it. I know you can duck the infinite flurry of pucnhes string, and how to make them not teleport. But I just find myself losing all the time to damn Laos. Anything you can share on how do you condition/beat the mofo? I feel like zoning is a huge risk even at full screen, dude flies around the screen,


Curses in moose
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There's a gap just before the flurry of punches, you can probably poke him out of it with Cetrion's D1. When he teleports, if you're quick enough, you can D1 him out of it, try to lab that! I started doing it with Kano and it helps a lot when they play like freaking maniacs.

And did you try the MU with FoN?