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Help me level up my Bane!

PND OmegaK

Drunk and Orderly
It's time to learn a thing or two about strength.

I have a tournament coming up next month, and I plan on winning it. I've been playing Bane since I picked up the game after a long hiatus about six months ago. I feel I have a very good grasp on him and all of his dirt, but I lack match-up experience against 80% of the cast. I've played a fair few of you online in ranked but I need to start grinding out actual sets rather than getting the one off match. So if you fancy helping out, add me on XBL. For those bothered about connection, I'm from the UK but have fiber optic broadband, so odds are if you're on the east coast the connection shouldn't be too bad. Below is a list of match-ups I'm specifically wanting practice for.

Zatanna - IMO Bane's worst match-up, I have a bit of experience against her but not near enough as I'd like.
Flash - Debatable worst match-up, have a fair bit of experience but would like more.
Green Lantern - I have never ran a full set against a GL player, I need to learn all of his dirt so if you're a spectacular cunt when playing GL then that would be ideal.
Martian Manhunter - I find his zoning very overwhelming.
Shazam - A personal difficult matchup.
Batman and KF - Parry and double hitting projectiles, need practice dealing with this.
Nightwing and Ares - They're slippery motherfuckers.

My gamertag is 'PND OmegaK' so if you want to help me level up or need a bit of Bane experience yourself then add me. I will most likely hate you if you beat me but it is for a good cause.


A spaceman
Any experience is good experience. Don't you go to GGA too? I'm assuming you have a bit practice against Bane so it could be useful.
I've gone to GGA a couple of times. Going back this Thursday as-well. If you wanna play just hit me up if I'm online! GT: Yoakss