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Discussion in 'Noob's Passage' started by EnterTheGecko, Dec 24, 2010.

  1. EnterTheGecko

    EnterTheGecko RS 3+4, +4 bitches!

    Hello TYM. This is EnterTheGecko. Thanks to Dancock for pointing me over here. How is everyone? I'm doing well. Major hype on this shit. Needless to say that I haven't been interested in MK for quite a while. I'm hoping for a playable game this time around; but this is MK we're talking about. Can't wait for some Reptile action.

    psn:enterthegecko. Feel free to send FR. Just say who you are and that you are from TYM.

    TWZTID Noob

    i would say welcome but u duidnt save me 15% on my car insurance.

    eh wtf, HI
  3. Check

    Check -

    Long time, dude. Hope all is well. I'll send you a Friend Invite once i get my PS3 back from Infusion.
  4. EnterTheGecko

    EnterTheGecko RS 3+4, +4 bitches!

    I'm sorry sir. Would you be interested in some boat insurance quotes? hehe. Nice to meet you

    Hey there Check. Looking forward to the broken shit man. I got me a new computer. I'm planning to get back into recording after the new year. I'm still playing Tekken 6..offline mostly. I'm shooting for KiT in Feb. I might go to Bar Battles; but that's still up in the air.
  5. Check

    Check -

    We were always such good friends, man. I'm sure we said this to each other in the past, but i hope to meet you someday. Try to come to the next Offline Gathering. We'd love to see you there and i'd love to meet you finally.
  6. Dark_Rob

    Dark_Rob Noob

    Dammit TWZTID! I was gonna make that joke lol
    Anyway, welcome to TYM Gecko :)
  7. DanCock

    DanCock Cock Master!!
    Lead Moderator

    yay gecko is here welcome... please dont be a stranger we miss you..
  8. EnterTheGecko

    EnterTheGecko RS 3+4, +4 bitches!

    Not at all. I see some old and new faces around. Thanks for the warm welcome.
  9. JagoBlakeFGC

    JagoBlakeFGC Catch me if you can!
    Premium Supporter

    Welcome to TestYourMight! Pull up a chair of any kind and do make yourself at home.
  10. Krayzie

    Krayzie Safeties disabled. Krayzie mode engaged!

    Welcome to TYM.
  11. MKF30

    MKF30 Fujin for MK 11
    Premium Supporter

    Hi there, welcome to TYM EntertheGecko. Long live MK! Can I call you ETG for short?
  12. EnterTheGecko

    EnterTheGecko RS 3+4, +4 bitches!

    Sure MKF. Most of my friends do anyways. I actually use ETG for tournaments.
  13. MKF30

    MKF30 Fujin for MK 11
    Premium Supporter

    Awesome, lol that's funny but makes sense. I can see why you're a Reptile guy :)
  14. KombatNerd

    KombatNerd Justice 4 Firestorm

    Hi there ETG! Welcome to TYM!

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