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Discussion in 'Noob's Passage' started by EnterTheGecko, Dec 24, 2010.

  1. EnterTheGecko

    EnterTheGecko RS 3+4, +4 bitches!

    Hello TYM. This is EnterTheGecko. Thanks to Dancock for pointing me over here. How is everyone? I'm doing well. Major hype on this shit. Needless to say that I haven't been interested in MK for quite a while. I'm hoping for a playable game this time around; but this is MK we're talking about. Can't wait for some Reptile action.

    psn:enterthegecko. Feel free to send FR. Just say who you are and that you are from TYM.

    TWZTID Noob

    i would say welcome but u duidnt save me 15% on my car insurance.

    eh wtf, HI
  3. Check

    Check -

    Long time, dude. Hope all is well. I'll send you a Friend Invite once i get my PS3 back from Infusion.
  4. EnterTheGecko

    EnterTheGecko RS 3+4, +4 bitches!

    I'm sorry sir. Would you be interested in some boat insurance quotes? hehe. Nice to meet you

    Hey there Check. Looking forward to the broken shit man. I got me a new computer. I'm planning to get back into recording after the new year. I'm still playing Tekken 6..offline mostly. I'm shooting for KiT in Feb. I might go to Bar Battles; but that's still up in the air.
  5. Check

    Check -

    We were always such good friends, man. I'm sure we said this to each other in the past, but i hope to meet you someday. Try to come to the next Offline Gathering. We'd love to see you there and i'd love to meet you finally.
  6. Dark_Rob

    Dark_Rob Noob

    Dammit TWZTID! I was gonna make that joke lol
    Anyway, welcome to TYM Gecko :)
  7. DanCock

    DanCock Cock Master!!
    Lead Moderator

    yay gecko is here welcome... please dont be a stranger we miss you..
  8. EnterTheGecko

    EnterTheGecko RS 3+4, +4 bitches!

    Not at all. I see some old and new faces around. Thanks for the warm welcome.
  9. JagoBlakeFGC

    JagoBlakeFGC Catch me if you can!
    Premium Supporter

    Welcome to TestYourMight! Pull up a chair of any kind and do make yourself at home.
  10. Krayzie

    Krayzie Safeties disabled. Krayzie mode engaged!

    Welcome to TYM.
  11. MKF30

    MKF30 We do NOT Grovel-Ermac/Gonna give me an A++Kung J.
    Premium Supporter

    Hi there, welcome to TYM EntertheGecko. Long live MK! Can I call you ETG for short?
  12. EnterTheGecko

    EnterTheGecko RS 3+4, +4 bitches!

    Sure MKF. Most of my friends do anyways. I actually use ETG for tournaments.
  13. MKF30

    MKF30 We do NOT Grovel-Ermac/Gonna give me an A++Kung J.
    Premium Supporter

    Awesome, lol that's funny but makes sense. I can see why you're a Reptile guy :)
  14. KombatNerd

    KombatNerd Justice 4 Firestorm

    Hi there ETG! Welcome to TYM!

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