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Hector Sanchez Announces his Retirement from Netherrealm Studios


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Probably wants to work with a better team. Not blaming him.


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Now who's gonna run shop when boon gets too old for this shit?? :(
A large amount of NRS's team remains and I assure you, there will be plenty of worthy candidates for Mr. Boon to choose from if he should follow Hector out the doors in the future. But let's not think that far ahead. Besides, these guys have pushed their work beyond twenty years...that's something to be commended for. Likely they've stayed young at heart all the way.

Everyone thanks him for MK9 but Nobody thanks him for MKvsDC.

Can't speak for anyone else, but I am thankful for MKvsDC. I cannot sweep aside the glaring issues that kept it from seeing the light of a major tournament, but I would not have discovered my love for fighting games if not for that title, and by extension, I would never have encountered the fighting game community. Believe me when I tell you that I feel thankful for taking the huge leap to the Playstation Network and entering the MKDC lobbies on that fateful night of 12/29/09.


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After lots, LOTS of months without posting here, I just HAD to login after reading this. I have to say that I'm truly sad for his departure from NRS. He is a great producer, and a man who really helped us all in developing our local scenes in one way or another. He'll definitely be missed, of that I'm sure. I'm just thankful that I could actually meet him back in 2011, and I can say he's a true professional.

Thanks for your kindness, patience and support. Thanks for everything, Hector. For real! You're a badass inspiration. I wish you ALL the best, and whatever project you may join in the near future, I'm sure you'll handle that brilliantly, as you always did. :)


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Wow. Such an outpouring of support. This really means a lot to me. Thank you.
You will be missed :(
Please go and succeed at whatever it is you're planning to do.
Not just for you, but for all of us who believe in you. Succeed and make whatever you work on as incredible as you've made everything else. I never met you, sadly, I don't know you in person, but I've had the good fortune of getting to experience first-hand the mastery of your craft, and its something I hope many people get to experience for many years to come.

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A toast to you, good sir.


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Hector will always remain family here.

Hope he either has a fantastic job waiting for him or he finds a fantastic job.