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Hector Sanchez Announces his Retirement from Netherrealm Studios

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Damn I'm so sad. Not everyone understands how important this man was to the MK9/Injustice competitive scene..always looking out for us.
I'm legitimately sad at work right now and hella emo about this but If it's a great move for hec then that's ALL that matters honestly

Man I'm bummed


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Come on guys let's not turn this into a troll thread, and no he didn't leave because of all the "cry babies"... he's moving on to better opportunities for himself a and that's what matters.

Hector you will be missed by this scene and hopefully you stick around to watch the community YOU helped build with all your hard work and interaction... we can't thank you enough.


Thanks hecterrific. I truly appreciate all you have done for this community and the entire Fighting game community as a whole. Best of luck with all your future plans, I know you will be successful with whatever you chose to do next.


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Good luck hecterrific. You can guarantee oodles of support from us on your next venture (back me up on this guys, preorder his next game if he stays in the industry, don't make me look stupid)