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Hector Sanchez Announces his Retirement from Netherrealm Studios


PTH|RM Relaxedstate
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I feel so ... lost ...
How will they ever be able to replace someone so awesome...

Best of luck from all of us! You will go on to do great thing!

Pls stop by soon :)


Shadow Priest
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Good luck with whatever you decide to do, Hector. Hopefully, you'll still be around in the community.


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That's a bummer, he was my favorite and seemed to be the only person with some power that really gave a shit about the NRS game's balance. Can't say I'd blame him though, NRS puts out a game, we all have fun, then find bugs, see how broken some stuff is that won't get patched/changed and complain non stop. The cycle will only continue.


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On one hand:


On the other hand:

Moving on to bigger and better opportunities is a great thing for Hec and I wish him all the best. Hector is one person I'd describe as "a true professional" -- patient, thoughtful in what he does, keeping a steady hand with the people around him and displaying leadership without excessive bravado or ego.

NRS was fortunate to have him, and wherever you land next Hec, they'll be lucky to have you there too.



Infinite Meter Kombos
It's funny that nobody has mentioned Hector's love of Dark Khan. He worked on MK vs DC before MK9.