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Hector Sanchez Announces his Retirement from Netherrealm Studios


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I wish I could say that the title of this thread is a joke, but unfortunately, it is not. After many years of working alongside the MK team since the days of Midway, Hector Sanchez has just announced his retirement from Netherrealm Studios via his Twitter account. This news comes as a shock to the faithful fans who have followed the Mortal Kombat franchise to this day, including those who were graced with the chance to encounter him face-to-face. He poured his entire self into his work as an NRS producer and we are extremely thankful for how he helped pave the way for what we have today. Below is the post confirming that today is his last day spent at the domain of NRS.

NRS Retirement.png
Thank you, Mr. Sanchez, for everything you have done on behalf of NRS and those who enjoy their products! It will be a challenge to adjust to your departure. We wish you well with wherever your journey takes you.

You can go to his Twitter account at https://twitter.com/hecterrific to send him your best wishes in the ensuing Twitter conversation, or simply submit a post here.