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Healthpoints, do they mean anything?

I just went into practice and did the same combo to different characters and they all lost the same ammount of health, and the combo damage actually changes depending on what character you are doing it on. So is it really necessary to even have different healthpoints for all characters at all?
Health doesn't affect the damage a character takes. You're thinking of defense, I think. Health affects the total life pool of your character.


I think the stat system is very messy (offensive stats don't matter for competitive and are badly optimized when compared with defensive stats).

What you need to know is that the Defense stat (that you can't see during actual gameplay unlike health points) is a direct divisor of incoming damage, so basically the amount of damage you can resist is the result of Health x Defense. A character can have a lot of health but be easy to kill (for example Darkseid has 1400 health points but is easier to kill than more than half of the cast).

This is why talking about the damage % that combos do is really chaotic.

In this table on the Lvl 20 tab I've sorted every character by Health x Defense (I call it "Vitality") and I've divided them in groups of characters with the same stats (A1 and A2 have the same defensive stats but different offensive stats).


@Lokheit understands this the best from what Iv seen
Spreading numerical knowledge since MKX haha.