hate mails thread/sore losers......

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat II' started by sushi615, May 21, 2008.

  1. R1RYDA714

    R1RYDA714 Noob

    could be an imposter, whoever it was thought they were good i guess, but didnt know how to fight someone that blocked and got close to them
  2. MKB

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    I take it as a compliment that I (apparently) have a groupie now.

    BTW, I'm still waiting for that apology.
  3. Wario7414

    Wario7414 Noob

    "Im Sorry So Sorry......Im Sorry" I can't remember what old commercial I got that from lol
  4. kensi

    kensi Noob

  5. Wario7414

    Wario7414 Noob

    lmao yeah that's it!!!

    I don't know how you remember that. I remember that song for some reason when somebody has to apologize lol. Kensi you're a fool for posting that commercial. Its so corny, but if you see it enough it'll stay with you for the rest of your life. Thats one of those classics like that old ass folgers commercial lol
  6. sushi615

    sushi615 holla!! aim : laossushi

    DCIguy01 has always been a great player. its most likely an imposter..
    we played lots of time and hes not that EZ to beat.
  7. Yungnicca

    Yungnicca Noob

    Capital i's and l`s

    It's not that hard to be a imposter especially with someone that has a l in there name. I bet you cant even tell that this is really a lower case L >lt's< and this is with a capital i >It's< Exactly the same that's why you cant tell which one is the real hatgrill unless you know how he plays. So it could be a fake dciguy01 only way to know invite the real dciguy01 to a match.
  8. Vassago187

    Vassago187 Noob

    MyEternalCliche is a total bish. Another liu kang spammer/turtle who things he's the best ever but as soon as hes about to lose a single match he bitches out before the end. megaweak. also does the subzero taunt but fucked it up. ps. its only a taunt if you don't fuck it up cause then you just look like a tool. That guy's weak.
  9. DarkMoon

    DarkMoon Noob

    birdsbechirpin dropped after 1 loss
  10. MKB

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    Is AdelBomb on this list yet? Quit on me before I could get the last hit to register it as a victory.

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