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Discussion in 'Harley Quinn' started by bombrider, Sep 26, 2012.

  1. bombrider

    bombrider Noob

    Take a look at this video...

    0:09 - Look how fast Harley is able to recover after shooting her gun...she dashes almost immediately after firing
    0:11 - Harley shoots diagonally upwards and recovers just as fast as her last gun attack..She can hit grundy upclose while he is standing
    0:32 - Just look at that tricky combo...
    0:37 - Did Harley Quinn just roll forward after doing a drop kick? I've seen in another video she can fire while still lying down after this drop kick. Powerful mixup game.
    1:28 - Harley Quinn can shoot diagonally downwards from the air...
    1:37 - Tricky string that ends with Harley shooting backwards...You can pretend to whiff the first move to bait the oppoent then cancel into the gun attack...
    2:00 - She can dash VERY quickly across the stage.
    2:10 - She can shoot her guns while ducking...knocks the opponent down. Maybe a low attack?
    2:15 - She can combo from shooting her guns diagonally upwards into shooting straight on standing Grundy...

    Harley Quinn recovers so incredibly fast after her gun attacks, that they might as well be regular pokes (I'm assuming the bullets reach full screen). She's like the Dhalsim of Injustice, but very capable of fighting upclose with massive amounts of mixups. They are also so fast, I don't think Batman players can ever hope to use the projectile parry against Harley on reaction. I'm willing to bet she can use her drop kick to dodge underneath high projectiles then use her guns while lying down on the ground, safely. She also has the option to jump over projectiles then shoot downwards at unsuspecting foes.

    I think Harley Quinn has Nightwing beat in terms of a strong poking game, has Cyborg beat in terms of zoning, and might even be on par with the flash in terms of unpredictable fighting style. This character looks insanely good. I am most definetly maining this character at launch! I'm already coming up with some crazy strategies in my head just from seeing some of her moves!
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  2. FrothyOmen

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    Don't expose her yet!!!!!!!!~ ;)
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  3. bombrider

    bombrider Noob

    There's no turning back now lol...
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  4. FrothyOmen

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    I can't wait to get my hands on this character. The world isn't ready.

    Also I could've sworn I saw a move in a video featuring her where she fired her guns from the floor at an angle upwards after being knocked down... Have you seen that? Because it looks broken lol, essentially able to deal with oki without actually unsafely waking up
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  5. SaJa

    SaJa FH_FenriR

    It's a bit too early to do such things imo ^^ but still insteresting stuffs.

    Just remember what scorpion could do while the mk9 demo came out ^^
  6. bombrider

    bombrider Noob

    Yes, I've seen this move. I actually refer to this move in my post (though it is not in the video). I've seen her do this "anti-oki" gun barrage both when she gets hit and knocked to the ground, and also after she does her drop kick.

    I talk about an idea to where Harley Quinn can do her drop kick to put herself safely under high projectiles then use that move in a full screen zoning war. Imagine Cyborg trying to shoot Harley from full screen, then Harley makes it impossible for her to get hit by Cyborg's projectiles but can still shoot him with her guns. Whoever designed this character for this game is brilliant (fitting of her character to be so tricky the way she appears to be).

    Despite all her strengths, I did notice she does have one weakness to balance her out. Her overall damage output is really poor...she makes up for this for all tricks she has in her "bag of tricks!"
  7. RiBBz22

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    Ya, I'll be playing Batman and Harley
  8. bombrider

    bombrider Noob

    Yea...I figured everyone noticed that since day 1 though so didn't feel the need to mention it lol...
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  9. FrothyOmen

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  10. Rathalos

    Rathalos Play Monster Hunter!
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    Her guns shots on the floor are part of a stance, you can't do them when ever, as that would probably be pretty broken.

    Here is what paulo said about it.
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  11. bombrider

    bombrider Noob

    Still looks awesome!
  12. RiBBz22

    RiBBz22 TYM's Confirmed Prophet/Time-Traveler
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    Sorry it's gonna be like a cheerleading competition with all the cartwheels that are going to be on the screen when we play. At least we will be able to level each other up.
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  13. Verstande

    Verstande Noob

    OMG she has Cammy's cartwheel thing ^_^
  14. Briggs8417

    Briggs8417 Salt Proprietor of TYM

    That video actually has me way more stoked for Grundy. Harley does look really sick though, and kind of fast.
  15. STORMS

    STORMS Owner / Director

    While Harley's moves are fast... the damage is small.

    When Solomon attacks... his hits/grabs equal a Harley combo.

    It makes sense.

    I'm just afraid of Harley having 'fancy' shit that isn't practical... kinda like the Joker in MKDC. There were several players with VERY creative and mean Joker's, but yeah... that's what I'm afraid of.
  16. shaowebb

    shaowebb Get your guns on. Sheriff is back.
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    She's a reset character meant to either have long combos that continue after her hyper or to reset her combos utilizing the ground stance and traps. Still hoping she gets a crouching throw from that tantrum stance thing so that I can go into it next to where my opponent falls out of stuff to play mindgames and go for mixups directly after her combos that set her up to do it all over again to them.
  17. Euphoric

    Euphoric MKX
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    She's mine. Stay away.
  18. Error

    Error DF2+R2

    Reminds me of Hyena from KOF2006, he could perform various specials into or out of his stance where he'd lay on his belly, you could also just make him flop while laying on the ground and derp, he even had a fake KO super that was made of pure awesome.

    @2:00 - 2:30

  19. shaowebb

    shaowebb Get your guns on. Sheriff is back.
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    Don't worry. I'm already deciding to go in on Flash with a Batman backup. That is of course unless The Ray or Green Arrow makes it in. If Green Arrow makes it I will dress as him and film myself doing the Bernie. If The Ray makes it in I will be just as shocked as you are.

    I just like to study cast and breakdown their uses ;)

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