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Strategy Guise......Halp!!


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Too be honest the only ones I have trouble blocking are the corner ones. I usually zod charge wake up or back dash on a lot of the set ups but I do block them. The double jump is annoying though. I'd help you if I didn't have a scruby Joker that attempts the same loop over and over


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well i want to play some joker who can hlep me out here :(
It sounds like you aren't utilizing any of your characters many overpowering tools in the mu. Maybe you need to hit the lab and put yourself in those situations starting with d2ing his jump. Your down 2 is fast as f*** and has dumb range so if this joker is jumping all over you and you aren't punishing him for 30% then bruh theres no help. Also upgrade your blocking then you'll be straight.

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i can d2 him, but its not like i'll be able to keep out a joker who makes good reads indefinitely, and aside from push block, theres gotta be other thigns i can do to him. Does he have gaps in a lot of his strings?? I know he has one when he tries to link gas can and i can d1~from the deep or trident rush.

a lot of my trouble stems from the fact that, most of the jokers i play against are crap, so when i play against a good one it throws me off and im not always sure how to play it.
A few tips:
-You can down one between joker's 32 string if he tries to cancel into rolling laughing gas or crowbar
-Both options are very reactable anyway (in a decent connection) so if you choose to block that shouldn't be an issue
-If joker lands a jump 2 always trait out right away
-Aquaman outfooties the hell out of Joker with his back 2 scoop and back 12 string
-MB back 3 is also very effective against jump ins as well as jump back 2