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Guilty Gear -STRIVE-


Still not having an official title yet, a new Guilty Gear was announced to come 2020!

Could possibly be a prequel, considering both Sol and Ky look rather young in comparison to their GGXrd appearances, but that's just speculation.

Also, the new character looks freaking awesome, imo!



I'm pretty sure the devs a year or two ago was saying that if they made another Guilty Gear that they would make it more "approachable" for new players. At least that what I heard.

So probably a reboot or prequel.
i almost want to say it's not a prequel because they look like that because gear genes and sol still has his sign/xrd sword but i guess it could be a direct prequel to sign?


This dream has a sad ending
all i want to say is I appericate the minimalism team red is doing. While ky's and may's outfits are simple they're still REALLY good. I'm super excited to see i-no and i hope they bring back anji!


I'm personally hoping Testament returns. ♥

I love the new costumes. I was sad that Sol's story costume wasn't available in GGXrd, but now he has it and it looks so awesome, imo. Love Ky's updated look as well, looks very stylish.

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The Fantasy is the Reality of the Mind
sol badguy is the titular guilty gear
dizzy is 3 years old but ky had a baby with her
japanese people are literally magical and have superpowers
the president is a former crack addict ninja
lot more crazy crap
Let's not forget...

May be like a tiny girl that has brute power and can lift a huge anchor. Jam be like a thicc chinese chick with fighting style like Michelle Yeoh. Sin is the lovebirth of Ky and Dizzy. Faust is a fucking tall doctor you would be wise to stay away, for you don't want him to play you the "doctor". Chipp Zanuff (my main) is the prez, who used to be a drug addict, but now he uses ninjutsu for the good of his subjects. Answer be like Chipp's secretary. Baiken be like the Kano version of a samurai. Jack-O is the epitome of thiccness. Elphelt be like the horny chick that hunts everyone for love and marriage. Ramlethal be like the serious version of Ramlethal and gives no fuck about anything. Bedman be like Psycho Mantis.


If you play Guilty Gears REV 2, you'll understand everything.


casual kahnage
Used to be, yes, but the Xrd updated versions made things easier, and the new upcoming GG is said to be even more casual friendly. Whatever that means, we don't know yet.
That’s cool I will give it a go then. I play MK and samurai showdown but that’s about it. Maybe that’s what they mean by casual. I have only seen GG at a pro level and it looks pretty crazy and complicated but that’s pro level lol. Are people pissed about it losing its complexity? Or not enough info yet.

I’ll even check out xrd if it ever goes on sale as well, thanks.