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Discussion in 'Liu Kang' started by AssassiN, Sep 9, 2012.

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    Since Xblades won't be competing anymore and due to the 3 month data loss from the forum I decided to bring back his guide from google cache. All credit goes to XBlades for making this and his tournament performance:

    Original thread:
    Page 1
    Page 2
    Page 3
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    Thanks for the revival of this thread. And thanks to XBlades for writing it in the first place
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    This is great! It should definitely help me level up my Kahn :)
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    IE XBlades
    Thanks guys, it really means allot! hopefully there will be new liu kang's to shine!!
  6. I think Im actually dropping Liu Kang so Id like to throw out some tech Ive been using myself.

    In the corner instead of looping b312 you can instead use 213 as the last attack, the 21 will whiff and the 3 will re-launch them if they wake up blocking low. The trick here is that you can stop at 21 and instead go straight into b312 if they wake up blocking high. The final option is baiting a wakeup attack by just holding block after doing a 2 or 21.

    For pressure, f1,2 might be 10 frames but its long range makes it very practical for getting in and staying in. Liu Kangs d3 is 7 frames which sucks, I believe if it was 6 frames his game would change IMMENSELY. Basically after every f1,2 you have a mixup.

    You can turn Liu Kangs d3 into a 6 frame move by using Regular Fireball after a f1,2 or any string that leaves you close to an opponent. The timing is strict but anytime you hit an opponent with regular fireball you can d3 him and go straight into another f1,2. This works because RegFireball is +1 and d3 is +3 or +10 depending if your opponent is crouching, which makes d3 a 6 frame move and f1,2 a 7 frame or guaranteed hit move The problem with this is opponents can jump out after f1,2 OR punish you if they block RegFireball in some cases. You open up your opponent to this tactic by using f1,2-d3 until they begin poking you after every f1,2, which allows you to f1,2,-fireball them to get that +1 or if you use ExFireball you get +17. OR if you read they will poke you, duck block and go back into f1,2. If your opponent thinks they can jump out you stuff it with f1,2-f1,2. Dont forget you can always f1,2-cross up to annoy people even further, lol.

    On some opponents they will get so infuriated you can literally just spam f1,2-d3-d3-f1,2-d3-f1,2-f1,2-f1,2 or any kind of simple mixup you want and it feels like they just give up. You just have to be careful with characters who have a 6frame d3 because there is a chance it will beat yours, which is why you use Fireball on occasion. I use this tactic every time to CHECK them to see how good theyare, if they know how to counter poke, etc.. This is when you go into f3 or b2,b3 mixups which is something Ill leave up to everyone else how they want to add those into their game.

    Hopefully youre till floating around and tell me what you think of this XBlades?
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    You can do plenty of stuff in the corner:
    - End it with B312 and make 21 whiff and follow with either 3 or B312(like you described)
    - Ghetto reset with B3,2 or F2,4
    - Dragonstance mixups

    Only using F12 as pressure is not good, Liu has B312 where B31 and B312 is neutral on block. 213 is also a good option(2 is neutral on block for those high hitbox characters), Liu might not have a 6 frame poke but when you know they are gonna try to D1 you can just block it and PUNISH it with B312(most D1's are -13 on block).
    F12, fireball is something you can do but I wouldn't really recommend it. If you know they will try to counterpoke just finish with F121, will send them full screen and you can start zoning again. If you want to keep them close then block the poke and counter-poke or jump.
    I can see those F12 stuff working online, but offline I'm not too sure about that.
    People can jump out of constant F12 spam, the way to stop a jumpout is 2 or 1 into an anti-air combo.

    I would use EX low fireball in combination with 21 because it's a mix-up, if they start blocking the low fireball you can use 3 to launch them and get a free combo. EX low fireball on hit is +24, which allows you to either go into more fireball mix-ups or general normal mix-ups(F3, B312, F4, throw, 213, B3B2, B32, F24, 334, F121)

    BTW, there is no character in the game with a 6 frame D3, the only poke that can be 6 frames is D1.
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    cyber sub and baraka say hi
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    Nobody uses them so it doesn't matter.
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    so because nobody uses them nobody has a 6f d3

    i love logic

    a wild assassin appears!

    1man3letters used chop chop

    its super effective!

    wild assassin[be] fainted
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    It was a joke, my good sir.
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    whatever,im stuck up type,jokes have no effect on me
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    so im nobody? :( damn, exposed, i thought my name was Ste :confused:

    Qwark28 lmfao at pokemon ref
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  14. "Only using F12 as pressure is not good" - I do not play online (although my cousin DurpityDurp does which is why I get hate around here sometimes, lol). f1,2 pressure is used to CHECK your opponents ability to counter poke/escape pressure. 2 in 213 can be poked out and b31 can be walked back out(this is a guessing game since you can always finish the string), both of which happen quite often when youre playing someone who knows everything Liu Kang is capable of. f1,2 cannot be ducked poked(meaning you cannot duck its hits) and you cannot walk back out of it. Its simply a tool before you begin all of your other mixups.
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    I mentioned the 2 because high hitbox characters can't make it whiff.
    F12 is a good string, but I said that making use of only that string isn't a good strategy.
    If I know that an opponent will try to walk back, I'll make use of D+4 or B1+fireball(depending on the the fact that I want them close or not).
    If I know they will try to counter poke, I'll block it and take over pressure once again or jump.
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    Just learned something

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