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Guarunteed way to get Ermac to pull out an Axe

Do his pop up on Shang Tsung, but have the second Hit miss. On the recovery, He will have it out for about 3/4ths of a second. Works every time.

MKK hanzo

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Most ppl dont understand that glitch ABC. Put an img or something for everyone to see. Also, damn shang for that wack propertie of him.
Maybe. Doubt it though.

Off topic- Oh shit Trenia, your on the site :oops:

I booted you a couple hours ago cause I didn't recognize your name.
I remember seeing the axe on C. Sub, when I finished my opponent with the incomplete HP autocombo. after two hits he'd just whip it out, but I'm not saying that is guaranteed.


Fujin and Ermac for MK 11
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abc ur dead0 said:
Got it. And a Picture of Classic Sub too.

ha, ha interesting. Who knows Midway probably knew about that and figured the axe looked the best for Ermmy so they gave Ermac the Axe as a weapon in MKD/MKA :wink:

But the other ninjas got different weapons.

Interesting find.