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Grudge Match Run Back - Tweedy vs Curbolicious - FT.10 $1000 Money Match (Warning Graphic Language, Rage, Trash Talk and Salt)


some heroes are born, some made, some wondrous
So after the AMAZING Kolosseum Grand Finals between Tweedy and Curbo... the salt was real, so much so that after a prolonged twitter storm the boys chose that this fracture.... will be decided as it should be..... THROUGH MORTAL KOMBAT!

This is a First to 10.. One Thousand Dollar Grudge Match to prove that the Kolosseum Grand Finals win was legit. Let all who come after know, that only one of these men, is the true King of The Kolosseum, despite what the official record says. This is for pride, this is for bragging right, this is for honour. This is for 1000 fucking dollars.

Curbo, the OG god coming back form the depths of retirement to show the new kids that us old cunts still have the goods with his amazing, crowd pleasing and mind blowing gameplay performance during the Kolosseum. Vs. Tweedy the "I talk a lot of shit, but I can back it up, so fuck you, play me or shut your god damned mouth" JellyJiggler who plays a clean as white silk Frost and arguably the best Geras in the scene.

Old vs New. Cocky vs Cock-Sure. Skilled vs Skilled. Curbolicious vs Tweedy.

Two men enter. One man leaves
(Warning : Strong Language)​
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Buluc Chabtan
I must consult with the elder go....nah f that, I’m in. Can’t wait for this