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    Basic Combo off b2 is Ender 1 -> B2~leap2,b2~leap3,d2,b2~leap3, b2~leap 2 (sub last b2~leap 2 for d3 for hard KD setups, only 1% less damage) = 35%

    Basic combo off b3 is Ender 2 -> b3, j3(deep), b2~leap3x3*,b2~leap2(or b2~float 1) = 48% (55% from mb B3!)

    * I wont state this below, but if you start your combo off leap (something like b2~leap2, b11+3mb) you will only be able to do 2xleap3 in ender 2.

    Important: Starting your combos off leap 2 or leap 1 cross-up will prevent any further leap 2, go directly for leap 3 loops (sample(ender 1): leap2, b2~leap3, d2, b2~leap3, b2~leap2). Possibly will add a separate section for leap combos later. Also due to damage scaling on leap moves, combos staring off leap 1/2 net roughly 10% less damage.

    The damage % is against 1050 hp, against tougher enemies the damage will decrease (aproximately 4% less per combo against 1250 hp)

    ~SC, Ender 1 = 35%
    ~SC, b2,leap2~b11+3MB, Ender 2 = 48%

    B2~leap3 x3, b2 leap2 = 33%
    3,b2~leap2,b11+3mb,b3,j3,b2~leap 2 = 35%
    Anti air: Ender 2 = 38%

    ~Ender 1 = 36%
    ~leap3x3,b2~leap2 = 41%
    ~leap 2, b1,1+3, b3, j3(deep), b2~leap3x2, b2~leap2 = 45%
    ~leap 2, b11+3mb, b3, d2~trait, b2~float 1 = 33% vortex

    1+3 MB,B3, ender 1 = 45%
    1+3 MB, еnder 2 = 50%
    1+3 MB, B3, d2~trait, b2~leap2, b2~float 1 = 35% vortex
    With trait on
    ~float 1, Dash f21~MC, dash ender 2 = 57% (oh yea)

    J1, ender 1 = 40%
    B2~leap3x3, b2~leap2 = 44%
    Trait on: walk f21mcMB, walk j3, b2~leap3x3,b2~leap 2 = 56%

    ~1+3mb, ender 1 = 36%
    ~1+3mb, 2~sc, ender 1 = 38%
    ~1+3mb, d2~trait,b2~leap2, 112~sc, b2~float 1 = 28% vortex

    MCmb (confirm off strings like 22)
    dash b3, j3, ender 1 = 52%
    dash, ender 2 = 54%
    dash b3, j3, b2~leap2, b2~float1 = 44% vortex

    ~SC, d2, b2~leap3x3,b2~leap 2 = 35%

    F21 (only with trait on)
    ~MCmb, dash, walk, 3~float1, b3, j3, b2~leap3x2, b2~leap2 = 60%
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    XxSYNDROISxX No laughing matter

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    PND OmegaK
    Sick thread man, very nicely organised. Gotta start working on my optimals.
  4. Suntan Superman

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    Nice thread bro! Thanks
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  5. Hruza Da Bruza

    Hruza Da Bruza Must Mash Harder!!!!!

    Love this! I'm looking to pick up Grodd and this thread is just what I needed!
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  6. Belial

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    Just want to note that Ender 2 might be a little too hard for some, in that case you can skip one leap 3 there and still get decent damage. This is especially true for smaller hitbox characters. I will probably update sometime later with more detail or ratter make a video. Anyway I recommend starting with bigger hitbox chars like atrocitus and move on to Catwoman once you got the grasp.

    Most of these are from medium to hard difficulty stuff, so if you guys will be really struggling with this i might consider making a "lite" version with just some easier to do BnB's(you'll miss out on quite some damage though). Let me know

    edit: btw the damage in first post is vs 1050 hp. Against characters with 1250 hp the difference is roughly 4% decrease.
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    I can't find the 'Favorite' button for your post, but just know I'm thinking it real hard, lol. Thanks for posting man!
  8. Ok so I got this "Ender 2" goin from B1,1+3 MB and I've added one more B2 leap 3 and I got 484.31 dmg on Superman, competitive mode. How did you get those 500? I don't know what I'm doing wrong, actually I thought it doesn't get any more optimal :/

    That's the combo:
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  9. Belial

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    it says b2 leap 3 x 3 , so you need to do b2~leap 3 three times then end with leap 2. Also its a bit easier to do if you do a deep j3, b/c you can get leap 3 not to crossup the enemy.
  10. I thinks this way he'll get more damage, I'll add one leap more and see. Deep J3? Can you make a video with this combo?
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  11. Belial

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    Okay I will do some videos tonight, though you can sort of see that in that tweet
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  12. Skedar70

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    People say Grodd is high execution just because of his cancels. They are naive and haven't actually tried his combos. These are hard but with practice Grodd could climb tiers.
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  13. Been workin on MB F3 optimal, flippin hell to be consistent now:

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  14. ChoseDeath

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    You live up to your name sir, lol.
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  15. bryan_bars

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    How do you land in the front and How fast you got to input b2 ? I cent seem to get it right
  16. freerf245

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    Groddlike thread loooooooool
  17. Well you have to delay that first B2 to land in front and then it's about landing the B2 when he's already on the ground but not too fast as well lol It's hardcore to explain shortly
  18. Bleu231

    Bleu231 Tohan playing shotgun

    This is probably already known but I didn't see it in the 2,2 section. You can link Psionic Pulse (flying Jesus pose) from 2,2.

    2,2xxLift, Pulse~Dash~Ender 1 | 387 damage on Supes

    Pretty good meterless damage for when you're out of meter/conserving meter for other things.
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  19. Belial

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    yeah I totally missed it
    actually you can link dash f21~MC MB after float 1 for huge damage for a bar
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  20. How tight is the link? Cause from S3 it seems pretty tight, like 2F IDK
  21. Bleu231

    Bleu231 Tohan playing shotgun

    It's not impossibly small, I can get it 8/10 times, but it's definitely a small window. The visual cue I use is to input 1 as Grodd stops ascending from his lift.
  22. Yeah I figured that out as well, when he's at the highest peak it's the time, but fuck I need to count this smh
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  23. Skedar70

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    Yeah that is old. I thought everybody knew about that. The link is not that hard to do it requires a specific timing.
  24. Compared to S3-BLAST-B3 this link is easy AF
  25. TheFatal

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    look at video guys, any idea how to continue the combo ? it seems useless coz its extreme difficult to do n stupid b2, close lunge 3 spam is way easier n deals more damage
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