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Green Lantern Combo Thread


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The timing is hard, but d1 links in the corner after b13~db2. I haven't been able to get the d1 off of just b13 yet if it can be done.


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Not sure if it's optimal or anything, but anyone looking for a solid background bounce combo, you can surely adapt this to your liking. This one is with trait available.

b+1,3, trait, db1, 2,2~bounce, ji3, 2,2,3, ex db1, b+3, 2, db1 = 556 damage


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I haven't fooled around with practice mode too much BUT I have noticed gravity has been toned down in this game... instead of focusing on 223 in combos, incorporate 123 off of b3 or f3 starters.
What does that do? Keep them juggled for longer?