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Green Lantern Combo Guide with Noble Raptor


Confused Thanagarian

In brightest day, in blackest night: these combos are out of sight. Let those looking to play GL tonight, check out this video! GREEN LANTERN HAS NO FLIGHT! Noble Raptor is back with another combo guide for the greenest character in the cast, Green Lantern.

As always, this combo guide isn't necessarily EVERYTHING GL can do, but it gives you a great starting point with the notations right along side the appropriate combo. If you were looking to mess around with a new character, this might give you a good place to start with one of the lesser played characters in Injustice 2. Who knows, you could be the one that shows Green Lantern is secretly top tier?
Nice oath!! You’re right for a guy that can fly planes and has a ring that can take him all over the galaxy, he can’t fly worth a shit in this game. But hey let’s give Enchantress an air dash why not.
Lol, now I don’t mean to turn this into a Fred Marvel GL’s trash thread. Hal’s in a really good place right now. I just want to enjoy the fruits of having an air dash while character power is activated that’s all.
F3 corner combos:
F3, 3, d1, 123 wall
F3, 3, 123 DB1 MB, jump 3, 12 wall (cancel into wall on third hit of 12)
These combos are swaggy and optimal at the same time


Counterpoke with armoured DB2 at all times.
Can always rely on Raptor for some good vids. I always find something new in his vids and they're so well set up.