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Question Green Arrow Alts?

What kind of alt. costumes would you like to see for the Emerald Archer? As of now, I've been using the Arrow alt because it's my favorite, but I'd also like to see...

New 52:

Year One:

Brightest Day:

So, what about you guys?


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Brightest day and Silver Age (which is pretty close to Justice League Unlimited) are my big picks.


New 52 with hood or the one where he has 1 arm. I forget the comic but he shoots arrows with his teeth. Hawkeye has nothing on arrow

Or red arrow from the arcade ending.

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I think Red Arrow is an actual character in some of the comics who was his sidekick. That'd be a cool costume to have.


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I think it would be awesome to have silver age Green Arrow and then have a Red Arrow Alt with Crispin Freeman voice acting.
Lol. New 52 Ollie looks almost exactly like Avengers movie/modern Hawkeye

Silver age is my most wanted costume, I love the hat