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Discussion in 'Gorilla Grodd' started by Wemfs, May 17, 2017.

  1. Wemfs

    Wemfs The only morality in a cruel world is chance.

    Lets get a discussion started about this intelligent gorilla.

    I'm having trouble opening people up at the moment. I feel like all I have is his leap, but I'm curious to hear what everyone else has to say.
  2. Most of the conversations about him are being done in the grodd discord.
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  3. Zhidoreptiloid

    Zhidoreptiloid Watcher from the sky

    Grodd have ok, but not great close combat, He have great d1, he have good 22, he have reastending kick. But how he will open opponent? No OH, no command grabs, yes, if he will open enemy, that will be painful, but how?
    I think, he designed like anti-zoner, he jumping or runing to close combar with characters with good zoning, but not best close combat, like fate or deadshot, but against rushdown characters, i think he will be bad pick
  4. Name v.5.0

    Name v.5.0 Iowa's Finest.

    I'm having way more luck against rushdown than I am against zoners or heavy defense characters.

    Shitty floaty jump, leap is easily countered with just about any attack. D2s beats it easy and leads to combos from just about every character. If you somehow get trait on and then enable projectile immunity they can just avoid you because Grodd can't open anyone up.

    Against rush down you can use your reach and punish them. Not so against zoners.

    As for defensive characters like Aquaman or WW, they just walk back after a life lead and control the whole match.
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  5. Only answer I have to open someone up who is blocking everything is to grab lol his has good range
  6. Nausea

    Nausea Soul Ascended

    I Nausea I
    Does he not have an infinite?
  7. Mr. Freeze

    Mr. Freeze Green Lantern and Grodd Main

    Can you add me to the discord or post the link?
  8. Mr. Freeze

    Mr. Freeze Green Lantern and Grodd Main

    I think think the mixup with Grodd comes from either using B+1 (low) or using his F3 (Overhead). I know is F+3 is slow but if you convert a leap into a cross up jump 2, you are plus and have a guaranteed mix. I also use 112 Stampede Cancel or 22 Stampeded cancel and either go into the aforementioned mix up or into grab.
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  10. first one i gave you was the wrong one lmao my bad
  11. Wemfs

    Wemfs The only morality in a cruel world is chance.

    I mean there's nothing I can do to condition my opponent to blocking high except going for F3 a bunch.

    His mb charge doesn't seem worth the bar at all.

    His leap to get in on heavy zoners seems more like a leap of faith lol hoping it doesn't get anti aired or blown up. Relying on a move that puts you in the air where you are so vulnerable is rough.

    The range on his mind control special seems kind of short tbh.

    The only thing he really has going for him right now is his restand and decent dmg. I definitely feel like he's missing something, but maybe I'm wrong.
  12. Grodds method for opening opponents up is through throws, throw baits, frame traps, whiff punishes, etc. This has been a model for offense since the beginning of fighting games so just because he doesn't have overhead low mixups doesn't mean he can open opponents up. After throw you can get a f2 which is +2. After you can get another throw or frametrap or shimmy etc. Also utilize his secret sweep to get knockdowns. It's incredibly strong in neutral.
  13. Name v.5.0

    Name v.5.0 Iowa's Finest.

    He's definitely missing a little something. I really believe that something is his trait. You're right, it does lack range, and the air stuff for the moment seems next to useless. So why does it have such a long cool down? We arent talking about Firestorms trait here...it doesnt turn Grodd into this super character for while. I dont want to call for buffs early, but I think it could use more range on it's specials, or a reduced cool down. Hell, it'd be cool if you could cancel jumps and leaps into the air shit to actually mindfuck opponents, but it doesnt do jack shit.

    I go entire matches without even activating it. The best part of it is the projectile immunity, but try activating it against Fate, Deadshot, Harley, Firestorm...the list goes on. You'll take a bunch of damage just getting it out making it useless.
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  14. He even does after a 50/50 vortex because after b2 restand you're in range for either a F3 or B1. If you land the F3 you can get in the 300s meterless into another restand.
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  15. Phosferrax

    Phosferrax Original Liu Kang cop.

    Opening people up isn't an issue, just use his throw loop.

    His problem is that his trait doesn't do enough for him and it has too long a cool down. The float move isn't good; I expected the mb pulse to be + on block but it just adds range, but the opponent has no reason to do anything when they see you float as you have nothing to threaten, just walk back. His projectile immunity is great but having to activate it is too slow with the current zoning in the game.

    He can't trait cancel anything to get plus frames, and his only plus charge cancel is 112, which has a gap big enough to normal punish out of before the 2 comes out.
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    XxSYNDROISxX No laughing matter

    The B2 may hit but the grab follow up will not
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  17. Just wait till he's out of hit stun. Or do f2 into throw, shimmy, frame trap etc.
  18. Although b2 on hit might not be plus enough to not get poked out of f3.
  19. usually go for the mix after the j2
  20. Grodd has no real infinite, only two repetitions of the close leap, at the third one he cant combo but leaves the opponent in position for 50/50. In this combo I use 1bar without trait.

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  21. Wemfs

    Wemfs The only morality in a cruel world is chance.

    Has anyone been using his 223 string that sends them almost full screen? Not sure why you'd want to send your opponent full screen as Grodd unless you're facing some heavy rushdown character I guess.
  22. Odds are it's for ending corner combos.
  23. Fallen_sektor

    Fallen_sektor I will show no mercy

    in the corner it gives you time to activate the trait and use the float for mind games, i think float 2 mb is +2 or +3
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  24. Belial

    Belial Noob

    Sadly, Gorilla is trash

    He lacks range and anti-zoning. He has some very cool cancels, but overall exectuion he requires just isnt rewarding enough

    also Aquaman destroys him. You cant leap from the deep, you cant punish trident rush neither on block or wiff. Most of the time you cant even neural jump it on wakeup. You can barely punish f2 and b2 etc etc. Thats just one MU example, he suffers a lot in other MU.

    Right now the only advice is to avoid him until massive buffs.
    My early buff suggestions
    - decrease gap in 22 and also make it impossible to low-profile second hit (catwoman can b3, numerous characters can d2)
    - increase aerial frames on leap startup (or just make it better)
    - quicker primal rage activation
    - even better b2 - frames, range and hurtbox to be improved.
    - float higher so it could avoid projectiles also massive buff to float overall
    - Mind control faster - possible to combo off d1, also more range
    - telepush - more range
    - at least one trait move gains invulnerability on wakeup
    - d2 is pretty good, but need better hitbox against crossups
    - charge either more pushback/safer or more damage (50 damage for -14 move, srsly?)
    - faster normal jump

    Just a side note, his trait really needs some serious improvements. primal rage is great but thats all. aside from that all trait gives you is more damage and you already have a lot. Even if trait actually worked as primal rage works now it would be better than it is, lol.
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    XxSYNDROISxX No laughing matter

    Look up coach Steve recent matches with him. you have to patient
    When playing Grodd

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