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General/Other Goodbye to the puuuuuuurfect character


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Dear Cat woman players,

It is with a heavy heart that I have made the decision to hang up my whip. It has been an absolute blast playing Selina and she has helped me become a much better fighting game player. She was the first character that I really did my best to learn inside out. I picked her up after Toryuken 2 years ago (my first time playing injustice) and has been my main since that day. I have never used another character in Tournament play and I am proud to call myself a day 1 character loyalist.

The main point of this post is to say thank you. Thank you to all the CW players who helped develop her as a character, looking for new ways to use her tools to win games.

A special Thank you to @GGA 16 Bit for leading the way, and all the help you gave me by discussing MUs and CW specifics. A big thank you to all the other CW players out there, @Laos_boy (you tech monster you) @Krayzie for repping her early on. @Ra Helios because as crazy as you are, your love and undying commitment to Selina was great. @T.roll @hard_goodbye @Pest0Swami for the #meowmixarmy in Montreal. @Jaiyson for breathing life back into Selina and sharing whatever you could find, even late into the game. Shoutouts to the other CW players @KC H0oKsw0rds @killa_solid @starcharger @astronout @RunwayMafia @Under_The_Mayo @nikolass @trueninja @anyone else I missed.

I've never made one of these, and I don't mean to post it to create a huge debate. I just wan to leave my final thoughts on how CW does against the rest of the cast. I'm not posting this to say others are wrong or that I am right, it's just how I feel about her MUs.

I'm looking forward to seeing you guys in MKX and maybe we'll end up sharing a main again.

Flash 4-6
Nightwing 4-6
Batman 4-6
Cyborg 6-4
Green Arrow 6-4
Superman 5-5
MMH 4-6
Raven 5-5
Aquaman 3-7
Wonder Woman 4-6
Zatanna 6-4
Hawkgirl 4-6
Shazam 5-5
Green lantern 4-6
Batgirl 4-6
Lobo 4-6
Joker 6-4
Harley Quinn 4-6
Solomon Grundy 6-4
Zod 4-6
Lex 4-6
Deathstroke 4-6
Scorpion 6-4
Ares 6-4
Killer Frost 5-5
Doomsday 4-6
Sinestro 3-7
Black Adam 4-6
Bane 3-7


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Flash 6-4
Nightwing 6-4
Batman 6-4
Cyborg 4-6
Green Arrow 4-6
Superman 5-5
MMH 6-4
Raven 5-5
Aquaman 7-3
Wonder Woman 6-4
Zatanna 4-6
Hawkgirl 6-4
Shazam 5-5
Green lantern 6-4
Batgirl 6-4
Lobo 6-4
Joker 4-6
Harley Quinn 6-4
Solomon Grundy 4-6
Zod 6-4
Lex 6-4
Deathstroke 6-4
Scorpion 4-6
Ares 4-6
Killer Frost 5-5
Doomsday 6-4
Sinestro 7-3
Black Adam 6-4
Bane 7-3
I'm assuming your MU numbers are in reverse? :confused:

KC H0oKsw0rds

iK A B A L
See you in MKX. The charts close to what I have tho Harley Lobo and Dstroke I feel are even. Thx for repping Selina Kyle in your scene because some of us aren't fortunate enough to have one. And I have a feeling many of us CW players will see each other again on the horizon that is Mortal Kombat X.
And I only have one question...

-was it good for you?


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All the best Ecodus.. We will be moving on to greater things in MKX.. Hopefully we share the same mains again.. #Meow


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Meow. Hopefully we all see the elagance in kitana decide to main her...well aside from...nvm. Meow

Edit: BTW f3f3 drop 2d2 is DA Baes