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Good Towers AI and ABILITIES for D'Vorah?


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Grinding out some character Towers while at work... But D'vorah keeps getting killed.. Dose anyone know a good ai set up and abilities to grind Towers?
Hey @Jynks my setup for D'Vorah's seems pretty solid if you want to try mine out...
I use the tournament variation called "Buzzed," along with the following settings:
Grappling 10
Rush down 5
Combos 20
Reversal 5
Zoning 10
Runaway 10
I have found that she not only wins, but also gives up a fatality or brutality every match. I hope this helps


I just Give her revive, and swarm to keep her alive longer...and a missle konsumable or assist konsumable...she does little damage and KBs are hard to do even on AI, so use konsumables for weaker char grind imo