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Good Reptile combos.

I recently found my SNES with MK II.
I need some good combos with Reptile.
Only combo I know with him is Forceball, HPx2, and a JK but then I get pushed back.
Compy386 said:
Fox how do you do those Friendship Fatality glitches? That shit is crazy :shock:
Well, have you heard of MK2 BETA? Its basically the first SNES version before the bugs were ironed out. On there, do the "throw in the corner and loser does a friendship" glitch, and while they are doing a friendship, your fatalities aren't disabled! By the way, how were the combos?
The combos are real great. it's the most i've seen on Reptile.
I always wanted to see Liu Kang get pwned while hes dancing like an idiot!
Compy386 said:
What emulator are you using? I've tried the beta on both ZSNES and SNES9X and it doesnt work on either
Snes9X is what I'm using. It doesn't work for you? Weird. Oh, and thanks for saying the combos are great, guys!